How has it ran out… AGAIN?!

There are a lot of things at the moment that could be causing you a headache, it’s been a while since our last “Humpday Headache” blog but we have decided on something that can ruin anyone’s day! Running out of things… From your phone battery to toilet roll here are the things that cause us […]

Don’t be fooled on April Fools

April Fools Feature Gif

April Fools, it comes once a year but does it really ever go as planned? There are always people that completely forget about it and those that take it way too far!  Here are some of the best and worst April Fool’s pranks: The Messy Toilet When we were children, we all at some point […]

The bumpy ride of adulthood

Adulthood Giphy

You’ve finally done it, you’ve become an adult and wow doesn’t it feel great! All this freedom and choice to do whatever you want whenever you want, it’s going to be the best time of your life… or is it?! Flash forward to a couple of weeks later and the novelty has worn off. When […]

Ordering clothes online – you either love it or hate it!

That time comes, it’s payday. Let’s order some clothes and give ourselves a well deserved treat! Now it’s time for the countless scrolling looking at a coat you just can’t resist in the middle of summer and sandals that are on sale in winter, you just can’t win! You scroll through instagram and find a […]

Morning from Hell

We all have those mornings when things just don’t go well, but here is the morning from hell and the ultimate #HumpdayHeadache. Some days just don’t go to plan and as soon as you wake up it’s like someone has it in for you. Waking up late, fuck all charge on my phone, frozen car […]

New Year’s Resolutions – How long will they actually last?

New Year’s Resolutions, everyone makes them but does anyone actually stick to them? We aren’t even ten days into the new year and you’ve already joined and quit the gym, started eating healthy but had 2 takeaways and tried dry Jan but it’s your friend’s birthday so you can’t be the boring one! Almost everyone […]

Secret Santa – Office Banter

The Draw The day is here! It’s officially almost Christmas and almost time to eat like you never get full and not feel guilty about it. But first the office secret santa! This common and frequently awkward tradition brings the team together to exchange lovely gifts before the holidays OR DOES IT? The three possible […]

What really goes down at a work Christmas party…

It’s that time of year again the Christmas party – everyone gets to find out who everyone really is! It’s late, everyone is steaming, no ones eaten enough and it’s about to take the turn from a sophisticated do into a crazy night, but there are always certain individuals that stand out every year. 1. The […]

Ho! Ho! Ho! It’s off to work we go

Christmas Grinch Gif

It’s getting to that time of year where everyone is talking about the C-word… I’m talking about Christmas. The Jingle bells are starting to ring, everyone is putting up their tree and decorations, christmas music has started to creep into the daily office playlist. There is so much planning, decorations, secret santa, holidays, meals. And […]

Office Noise – The Breakdown

Nobody likes a noisy neighbour, and the same applies in the workplace. So, why do colleagues think it’s ok to eat Kettle hand cooked crisps with their mouth wide open? The crunch of an apple, the bark of laughter or sounds of sniffling and coughing can activate feelings of anger or irritation among employees. When […]