Titanic: The sinking spoilers

There’s theories of what may happen to a certain character or how the plot may plan out but there is nothing worse than SPOILERS! You’re sat there waiting for your favourite series to start when you get a notification, it’s only your group chat talking about the recent death in the new episode of your […]

Who’s the Kitchen Culprit?

So… you are slightly early today and you can’t stop thinking about making a lovely hot latte to start your day. A few people have arrived before you, and the coffee machine has been fuelled with the finest Tesco value coffee beans. You choose the least chipped cup from the cupboard and press the magic […]

Office temperature: The ‘heated’ debate

Many things can cause frustration in the office… Out of teabags? Fuming. No clean spoons? I guess I’m eating soup with a fork. However, nothing quite gets people going like it being too hot or cold in the office! It’s winter and you’re wearing a turtleneck jumper, a coat and maybe even bought in a […]


Messy desk

It’s always the people with the messy desk that say it means they are a genius, but I beg to differ! As it’s the start of april, we all know what that means, time for a spring clean. You come into work ready to create a zen space where productivity flows and ideas are generated […]

Is there anything worse than being late?

Cars in city

Being late? Is there honestly anything worse! It all starts off with you leaving bang on time or even that littlest bit early, you had a small bit of traffic but it’s over very quickly and is only due to a traffic light. You swiftly get a long and hit a long row of traffic […]

Smashed iPhone screen

The world of today revolves around smartphone technology but there is nothing worse than dropping your iPhone and the screen smashing, welcome to the club… It usually starts off by you scrambling for your car keys and in the meantime your iPhone has dropped out of your pocket… The intense 10 seconds you take to […]

Changing email address

So we all had a strange email address when we first started… Look back to 2012 when your mum or dad helped you to set up your first email. You were super excited to have your own email for all the important emails you would be sending at age 12… I know I even did […]

Tangled headphones

Here we have one of the most annoying problems of them all… Headphones – the link from tech to our ears! All you want to do is listen to a few tunes on the way to work, but you find your headphones have been somehow having a little party in the pocket of your bag […]