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What really goes down at a work Christmas party…

It’s that time of year again the Christmas party – everyone gets to find out who everyone really is! It’s late, everyone is steaming, no ones eaten enough and it’s about to take the turn from a sophisticated do into a crazy night, but there are always certain individuals that stand out every year.

1. The confessor

You know Jerry from IT, always awkwardly bumping into you in the kitchen, well this is the time when he is about to confess his undying love for you. How he always loves those brief moments in the kitchen. You make a few glances to other people in the room praying someone will grab you and say “come on let’s get a drink”, looks like you won’t be making coffee as often as you like now…

2. The one that takes advantage of the free bar

Free bar? Here is where you will always find Sally from HR, drinking like she has never drank before. From rose to tequila shots you can guarantee Sally has nailed these all before 9pm!

3. The one that shocks everyone

It’s always the quiet girl who never comes to after work drinks and has never been seen on a night out. She’s busting some serious dance moves, but then Single Ladies – Beyonce comes on, she starts herding up all the girls on to the dance floor. You know that Jenny will be waking up with the hangover from hell.

Jenny is never going to get away with saying no to Friday drinks again!

4. The Gossiper

It’s impossible to get on with everyone you work with but give it a rest Paul, now isn’t the time. After a few drinks he’s forgotten to be quiet and starts shouting that he doesn’t give a damn about Susan’s child achieving level 3 in swimming lessons.

He continues slurring insults across the dance floor. No one wants to be involved with these fiery rumours and is giving Paul evils.

5. The one you never realised you fancied before

Jack from Sales suddenly swans through the door in the whitest shirt and suavest suit you’ve ever seen, grabs a drink from the bar and turns and smiles. Is this the work romance you’ve been seeking all along?!

6. The one nobody quite recognises

Stewart, Simon, Steve? God knows no one has ever seen this guy. Could it be the external accounts boyfriend, part-time IT guy or perhaps he heard whispers of a free bar outside and decided to join. One things for sure he’s having a ball!

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