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How has it ran out… AGAIN?!

There are a lot of things at the moment that could be causing you a headache, it’s been a while since our last “Humpday Headache” blog but we have decided on something that can ruin anyone’s day! Running out of things…

From your phone battery to toilet roll here are the things that cause us upset when they run out.

So first up is mobile data!

Although a lot of phone companies now offer “Unlimited data” , those of us who don’t have this privilege are checking on our data every week and it unfortunately runs out, when we least expect it or usually when we need it most. Whether you’re out and about needing your maps to get from one place to the next, or just keeping up to date on your WhatsApp group chat, there’s nothing worse than your data just going dead!


Is there anything more annoying than a password expiring? Why do I need to change it? I have run out of ideas! How am I going to remember this one? I am so used to typing in the old one this is going to ruin everything!!!

Battery on laptop/phone dying when you least expect it

Up showered, ready to leave… grab your mobile, OH WAIT! It hasn’t been charging! I was sure I plugged my phone in last night, what is going on? Oh of course, the plug wasn’t switched on at the wall!

The same goes for your laptop. You can be in the middle of a meeting with your laptop showing the presentation on screen then all of a sudden the screen goes black, I can’t believe the battery has run out! Thought these things had extensive battery life these days. So after turning bright red and apologising over and over again, you leave to get the charger and dread going back in…

Money - end of the month blues

You made a budget, it was all going to plan and then all of a sudden you check your bank on the 26th and guess what? It’s empty. There is always something you forgot or didn’t know you had to account for… the dog food or the emergency plumber, adult life!


Milk, eggs, salad, cheese, bread – I’m sure these are the things that run out the most. There is nothing worse than going to the fridge or cupboard ready to make a sandwich and having NONE of the ingredients. Looks like it’s a pot noodle, again!

Toilet Roll

And last but certainly not least! Toilet Roll. This is just in it’s own category completely because come on, forgetting to get toilet roll is an absolute disaster!

Running out of something and not realising is up there with some of the worst humpday headaches. If we have missed out on anything let us know we would love to hear your thoughts on what frustrates you when it runs out.

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