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The bumpy ride of adulthood

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You’ve finally done it, you’ve become an adult and wow doesn’t it feel great! All this freedom and choice to do whatever you want whenever you want, it’s going to be the best time of your life… or is it?! Flash forward to a couple of weeks later and the novelty has worn off. When did it become your responsibility to look after so much 😢

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Why is keeping plants alive the hardest thing in the world?! I swear you just need to water it and leave it but no, all the leaves have gone brown, some are swimming in left over water but some are bone dry. Now you’ve just got loads of pots left over, and if you’re anything like me you will decide to give up and fill them with artificial ones.

Eating nice meals used to be a luxury but you didn’t know until now. The comfort of just nipping to the fridge and there being loads of nice snacks is long gone! Now you have to do all the food shopping yourself, plan your lunches dinners and snacks for everyday and god when did food get so expensive!!

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You thought you’d set yourself a reasonable budget but it isn’t even going to get you through the week. So you have spent a quarter of our salary on a big food shop, but still can’t decide what to have for tea? I give up, it looks like it’s beans on toast for the foreseeable future.

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My Sundays are now dedicated to a “Weekly Clean” which starts with a brush, then hoovering then I manage to get myself held up in some kind of organisation of boxes/old items. Before I know it it’s 6pm and I need to get myself ready for work again!

Just when you think you have done all the washing and even folded and put it all away, you see someone sneaking down the stairs with a pile – and worst thing is it’s a mixture of lights, darks, and colours!

Oh and don’t get me started on MISSING SOCKS! Does the washing machine just eat them for a laugh? And I wonder if it will ever be cool to wear odd ones as this must happen to everyone!

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Booking your own medical appointments is something that had never crossed my mind until I was told by my mum it is no longer her responsibility. It’s apparently now my job to organise my own medical appointments. Seriously? Who is my normal doctor? Who knows. What is actually wrong with me? I dunno, aren’t they supposed to tell me that?!

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