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New Year’s Resolutions – How long will they actually last?

New Year’s Resolutions, everyone makes them but does anyone actually stick to them? We aren’t even ten days into the new year and you’ve already joined and quit the gym, started eating healthy but had 2 takeaways and tried dry Jan but it’s your friend’s birthday so you can’t be the boring one!


Almost everyone has had the resolution to be healthier at some point. The festivities are over and you feel like a literal Christmas Pudding. New years day rolls around and you’re SO hungover – gotta get a Maccies… off to a great start. We were only in work Thursday and Friday so I can start fresh on Monday right? Spend Sunday meal prepping with cute little matching tubs and fruit for snacks. By Wednesday I am SICK of chicken and rice!

Health kick

There still seems to be a lot of snacks in the house left over from Christmas from 3 boxes of matchsticks to 7 different types of cheese, you can’t let it go to waste? A couple of days later you’re sat at work, wondering how to even turn your laptop on and sweets are the only way to get through… don’t panic, healthy eating is just for at home? One chocolate digestive won’t hurt, but next thing you know you are a share bag of Doritos down and the only thing getting you through the day is the thought of a Dominoes…

New hobby


Starting a new hobby is a good starting point for the new year, but where do you actually start? Karate? Just a bit OTT. Cooking? Too expensive. Running? Too cold. Just forget it, maybe I’ll just join the gym! But of course the Gym is too busy in January, I refuse to waste an hour of my life queuing for a treadmill!

Improving finances

Trying to improve your finances is such an adult resolution, but it can’t be that hard surely? You make yourself a budget and being realistic put a section for going out. Two days later your logging into you bank account, expecting a decent number, but WHAT – almost all of the Christmas pay already gone? WTF someone took my card… no it’s there…. Someone took my details… wait bars, bars, bars, restaurants, bars, clubs. Oh just drunk me…

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