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Ordering clothes online – you either love it or hate it!

That time comes, it’s payday. Let’s order some clothes and give ourselves a well deserved treat! Now it’s time for the countless scrolling looking at a coat you just can’t resist in the middle of summer and sandals that are on sale in winter, you just can’t win!

You scroll through instagram and find a gorgeous outfit that you have to buy! So you click through the link and it takes you to a website based in China. Not only is it going to take a year to arrive you know when it does it will be barbie-sized.

You’ve been the exact same size for years, never any smaller and never any bigger, surely online shopping should just be a simple procedure then right? Now eventually you know what you’re going to buy after putting 63 items in my basket and whittling it down to 3, click your size and it’s all go.

There isn’t a discount code to be seen, you spend 15 minutes searching “discount code for _” and nothing! As you can actually only afford 1 item but Klarna comes to save the day and can help me through the next few months to pay for the rest. Until it hits you again the day before pay day – WHY!

WAIT WHAT £6.50 for delivery?! I’ve just spent £100 surely that should be free! 3-5 working days, now it’s the nervous wait, Monday and Tuesday, don’t worry, it was never going to come this early but when will it come? Wednesday, Thursday… you were planning to wear it Friday! Oh great, that ‘normal size’ suddenly doesn’t even button up over your chest but the skirt in the same size is doing hula-hoops around your waist! Well that’s 3 hours of pointless scrolling I’m never getting back.

*DING*, a notification? Oh and of course you get an email the next day with 40% off everything deal the following day!!

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