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Morning from Hell

We all have those mornings when things just don’t go well, but here is the morning from hell and the ultimate #HumpdayHeadache.

Some days just don’t go to plan and as soon as you wake up it’s like someone has it in for you.

So you’ve got up, on time for once and make your way to the shower and sit on the loo waiting for it to heat up (don’t act like you don’t). Stepping in the water is still like igloo water, so you lightly splash yourself and that will have to do! You go downstairs to find your partner has had a half hour shower and has decided to put the dishwasher on. Brilliant.

All you want is a nice bowl of cereal and a cup of tea, the easiest breakfast ever. Boil the kettle, pour your cereal into your fave bowl, all you need is milk… but some selfish person has used the last drop. WHY HASN’T ANYONE TOLD ME! AHH.

Forget about the cereal, you’ll just make a quick sandwich for your lunch. Oh but the butter is rock solid so all you end up doing is attacking the bread and turning it into a million pieces. Right you got there in the end lets just get it wrapped, surely not?! Of course the previous person has ruined it so you spend about 10 minutes trying to unravel it, it can’t get any worse?

Let’s just leave, it must be the morning curse. Could have predicted it the car is fully frozen over. No worries, just grab some de-icer and off you go. But there is not a single can of de-icer in the house, forget it let’s boil the kettle again and risk cracking the whole screen. All this and it’s not even 8 ‘o’clock yet!

Right you’ve finally arrived at work, quick nip to the loo before you start off your day. No no nooooo!! NO toilet roll. Why do you only notice once you’re finished!!

And that sums up the worst morning ever!

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