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Exploring tech company cultures in Austin

It’s no secret that Austin is a rapidly growing tech hub with not only an abundance of well-established tech organisations, but many start-ups choosing to

Byte of Tech: Q&A with Josh Ghent

1. Josh, you and I have worked together for years now, whether it be placing you, discussing your growth plans or simply attending/arranging meet ups

Networking Feature Picture

Expanding your network digitally during COVID

Networking has become a great challenge for businesses as connecting and develop relationships with other like-minded individuals digitally now the only method, as a result

Top Upcoming Tech Events in Austin

Austin’s technology industry and community is continuing to thrive through the COVID pandemic and with virtual event software such as Zoom and Eventbrite, we are

Prepping for Virtual Interviews

The ongoing pandemic has shaped the ways businesses now recruit their candidates. Social distancing regulations have made it difficult for interviews to take place like

Back to work – Regaining your focus

It’s hard to take your mind off everything that is going on in the world at the moment, with cases rising and falling, people returning

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