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As per my last email…

Dear Madam/Sir, Nice to e-meet you! Greetings of the day! Happy Wednesday! There is too many cringe worthy ways of opening emails at the moment. 

Dunk… Kerplunk!

Choice of biscuit is always such a tricky one, from the classic custard cream to chocolate hobnobs, they all give an entirely different experience! When

Plates full of different sweets

Does anyone have any snacks?

You might manage to be healthy all weekend… Just eating your normal three meals a day without a single thought for a snack. But boom!

The best travel tech on the market

Tech can quickly fill up your suitcase, so what should you take when travelling? We have found the most reliable and convenient travel technology that

Summer of Spotify powered by AI

Summer is the prime time to have your best playlists lined up for those holidays and sunbathing on the beach or BBQ parties. Spotify is

Heatwave from hell 🔥

We all know England and sun goes one way or another, on the weekend everyone is flooding into the closest beer garden downing cocktails and

AI: Changing the face of Sport

It’s July and that means one thing in sport… Wimbledon and The British Open. Most recently Artificial Intelligence has been changing two of our favourite

The Cancellation Plague

Got that one friend who always cancels? Or is it always you? The cancellation plague is upon us and people are losing more friends than

Poop Emoji Cookie

It’s World Emoji Day 🎉

Emojis are a key part of any millennials digital communication so what better way to celebrate our use of universally recognised images than with World

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