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Byte of Tech – Dan Englishby

Whether you are new to the tech community on twitter or a long standing member we’re sure you’ll know of Dan Englishby. We got the

April Fools Feature Gif

Don’t be fooled on April Fools

April Fools, it comes once a year but does it really ever go as planned? There are always people that completely forget about it and

Ada’s List

What is Ada’s List? Merici Vinton set up Ada’s List in 2013 as an email-based community for women working in technology and digital. Named for computing pioneer

Working from home

When you’re working the normal 9-5 Monday to Friday in an office, working from home seems like a dream, but after spending a few days

CEO Women in Tech

More women than ever are looking for work within the technological field, this hasn’t always been a simple process. Whilst the tech industry continues to

Womens History Month Feature Picture

The Inspirational Women of Tech History

With March being Women’s History Month and the month of International Women’s Day many of us have been reflecting on the women who inspire us, support

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