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NORA Award Finalist – Best Employment Advice Website

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Back in 2018, the three of us started with Searchability as Graduate Research Associates – Leah, Heather and Rosie. With Searchability having a focus on finding new and modified ways to facilitate conversations with candidates in the market, we wanted to change the way we engage with the tech industry in a new creative environment, this is when Hollerings was created!

Since then we have flourished as a team , which has led us to attend many meetups,  give insightful presentations, conduct interesting Q&A’s and provide employment advice to everyone in the IT sector.

Constantly keeping up with the latest trends and digital news, Hollerings sends out a Digi Download at the end of every month. We base all of our insights around a certain topic we have seen to be prevalent that month such as Women in Tech or a topic that is cropping up a lot, for example AI – we continuously work to update our blogs to suit the market trends. However, 2020 saw what could be one of the biggest trend changes in a while – the pandemic.

As the first lockdown approached, no-one knew what would happen to the IT industry, but we remained positive and continued to provide online support through our blog channels and social media accounts. Unfortunately times were hard and a lot of companies were affected – resulting in redundancies across the UK. The job hunt became harder, standing out amongst the many became a challenge, and hiring processes changed drastically!

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At team Hollerings we helped candidates through these unprecedented times giving out relevant advice and tips and constantly offering a helping hand to those who found themselves struggling to take the next steps in their career or perhaps they were struggling to adapt to working from home. We have the tips and tricks!

Since our full return to work (with a few adaptations of course) we were overwhelmed to be nominated for the ‘Best Employment Advice Website’ at the Nora Recruitment Awards.

Up against some of the top competitors in the field: ACAS, Debut.Careers, TotalJobs, Treasury Recruitment and Women in Tech – we know we are up for a challenge!

If you have missed out on our Employment Advice articles check out our Digi Download channel, which will be sent out at the end of the month as a dedication to our award!

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