Netflix Nightmares

Scrolling… That’s all I ever do on Netflix, mindlessly scrolling. In fact, according to a 2016 survey published in Bustle, the average person spends 19 minutes scrolling on the streaming service before deciding what to watch. That’s basically 20 minutes, and as Netflix keeps adding more and the choice is just oh-so-tough. You know the […]

Office temperature: The ‘heated’ debate

Many things can cause frustration in the office… Out of teabags? Fuming. No clean spoons? I guess I’m eating soup with a fork. However, nothing quite gets people going like it being too hot or cold in the office! It’s winter and you’re wearing a turtleneck jumper, a coat and maybe even bought in a […]

Bristol: Entering the fifth generation?

In case you’ve missed the hype and have no clue what the fuss is about, 5G put simply means ‘fifth generation mobile networks’ allowing you to call, text and get online. We’ve seen the difference from 2D to 3D in films, but why is 5G superior to its predecessors? 3G was the first network to […]