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Unmind – The App to Improve Employee Wellness

The mind can be a difficult place. Sadly, mental illness is invisible and affects everyone. At times, it may seem like an epidemic that can’t be beaten as workplace related mental illness has reached staggering numbers. However, UK startups are changing our approach to mental wellbeing.

Founded in 2016, Unmind is a workplace mental health platform that is working to create a world where mental health is understood, nurtured and celebrated.

Having so far raised £7.7m across Project A and Felix Capital funding rounds. It is now supporting employees in more than 50 countries, and over 350,000 people have access to its services. It’s accessible via an app and provides an introduction to mental health as well as exercises designed to enhance things such as mood and concentration.

Unmind’s digital solution empowers employees to take a proactive and preventative approach to their mental health and wellbeing.

Built on the premise that prevention is better than cure, the platform focuses on helping employees get the most from their personal and professional life. Available anytime, anywhere, employees can measure and then manage their mental health by accessing tools and training based on their individual needs.

In collaboration with psychologists, Unmind provides training through videos, audio and interactive content to reduce stigma in the workplace and help employees take care of both their own and their colleagues’ mental wellbeing.

After using Unmind, 89% of employees reported an increase in confidence and understanding of mental health. Moreover, Unmind is used globally by clients such as John Lewis, Square Enix and Just Eat.

Dr Nick Taylor, who co-founded the firm following a stint as a clinical psychologist with the NHS, became increasingly frustrated with the months of waiting patients would be forced to endure before receiving an appointment addressing their mental health.

He saw an opportunity to use technology to help workers at a time when companies are increasingly being forced to grapple with challenges around staff turnover and loss of productivity….

“At Unmind, we believe that looking after our health means caring for the whole human, and by weaving work and wellbeing into one, we can build organisations where everyone can fulfil their potential".

Instead of promising organisations specific measurable benefits like ROI or reduction of absenteeism, which are “incredibly difficult to prove”, Taylor says that Unmind can help break stigma around mental health, which leads to positive outcomes.

Written By: Heather Turnbull

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