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Annoyed to a Tea


So you want a cup of tea but you don’t want to make 5 different types of tea for your colleagues. One sugar, two teabags, dairy free milk, more milk than tea, there’s too much to remember and too much to get wrong. You sneak up, hiding your mug in the hopes that no-one spots you – pretending you are putting your lunch in the fridge. You hear ‘Go on then Heath, two sugars’ boom across the office… NO – it’s all over. Tea orders start flying at you from all angles, you reluctantly nod and realise you were never going to get away with it.

What if you are the fussy one and don’t want to burden your colleagues with your double espresso, dash of milk, filled to the brim in your favourite cup. You have had a couple made for you in the past and it’s always just a simple button press without a single stir (No Thanks Denise).

So I always say “I’m alright thanks” when she offers even though I would like one and don’t want to be a pain. And then I have to wait like 40 minutes before I go get myself one and always end up making one for her when I say I’m going up.

2012 tea

There is always that one that asks for a “big spoon full” or “2 and a half sugars please” if you’re gonna make your order awkward then don’t bother. Maybe we could have a chart in the kitchen that had everyone’s preferred beverage, but then we could not play the “I forgot” card…  And there is always that one weirdo that has so much milk that you can’t even call it tea, I may as well microwave a glass of milk and save the teabag. There is no way I can forget how disgusting those tea’s are.

Sort of wish it was just one of those offices where everybody just makes their own because no one ever pulls their weight. So you resign yourself to a tea ban, but how long can this go on, you can’t only enjoy a cuppa at home. You either cave in a matter or days, or you become the odd one out that never drinks tea at work.

teas in a line

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