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Digital Scene: Data hubs of the UK

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Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have taken over the digital scene in the past few years. More companies and graduates focusing their attention on the industry with the possibilities continue to sky-rocket.

If you are looking to make the most of this data frenzy, there is a couple of places that you need to be:


Home to the country’s longest standing organisations, London is the hub for those looking to get into the experimental side of data. With large budgets and revered reputations, organisations in London are leading the way in pioneering new uses for Big Data, AI and ML.

London is also the home of many start-ups, with inspired developers transforming their commercial experience into new businesses, there are endless opportunities to take a chance on.

Companies to keep an eye out for:

51zero – a consultancy delivering big data solutions for clients within the financial industry. They are making waves, working with big banks such as HSBC, Barclays, RBS and more.

Microsoft – As an already established organisation, Microsoft is using AI to improve the earth, humanitarian causes, and accessibility.

Skim Technologies – An AI provider which accelerates business growth through AI and data science tools.


An exciting tech space, Manchester is the place to be if you are after new ideas, a thriving environment and a buzz around technology. With homegrown companies such as Boohoo, PrettyLittleThing and AO.com dominating the industry, the city is showing its potential. Other large companies are expanding into the city, creating an abundance of opportunities to get involved in.

Companies to keep an eye out for:

Moneysupermarket.com – Adding a third office to their portfolio, this giant chose to re-invest in the north-west following success with their existing office in Ewloe.

PrettyLittleThing – A local organisation that has made it big and is investing back in the city. With Data Scientists, Analyst’s and a BI team there are multiple spaces to expand in to

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As one of the data hubs born from academia, Edinburgh is a source buzz within the Data and AI industry. Boasting six prestigious universities, there is a constant stream of graduates at all education levels. Both SME’s and established organisations are heavily investing in graduate schemes.

Companies to keep an eye out for:

Appointedd – Specialising in online booking and scheduling software, this SME is a great example of a home-grown organisation that is investing back into the grads of its city. It’s continuing to expand and is a great place to look into.

pureLiFi – As a spin-off from the University of Edinburgh this organisation is a perfect example of combining commercial experience and academia. Converting light into a wireless network for data, this company is sure to get your brain cells moving.


Another hub hailing from academic success this city is prioritising data in every sense.  For several years, Bristol has been dedicated to creating a smart city utilising data to improve infrastructure, healthcare and energy use. All this change has created a catalyst for innovation, with companies settling in the city and investing in local talent.

Companies to keep an eye out for:

Graphcore – A major player on the Bristol technology scene, Graphcore is one of the big employers that can help to define a career in the technology industry. Roles are up for grabs at a range of levels and are available on their website.

Ultrahaptics – A breakthrough haptic technology house with a constant eye to getting the latest talent at graduate level and upwards. With a diverse range of technologies available there is something for all IT specialists.

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Cambridge is one of the main data, machine learning and artificial intelligence hubs in the country. With a key talent pool of academic students, the city is investing in its world-class talent to draw in established tech companies. With global giants such as Apple, Microsoft and Amazon using the city to build new labs and test out groundbreaking technologies, Cambridge is showing its worth.

Companies to keep an eye out for:

Darktrace – As the world’s leading Cyber AI company, and run by two female CEO’s, this company has expanded at a rocketing pace to create a global presence. If you are looking to join a company on a different level then this is one to focus on.

Arm – A spin off from Acorn and Apple this tech giant holds its HQ in Cambridge and re-invests heavily within the cities talent. Spanning the whole globe, joining a company like this will open you up to the largest tech hubs around the world.


Last but not least in the UK’s Data hubs comes Oxford. The city has one of the strongest academic talent pools with several prestigious universities there is a constant stream of new ideas and innovative graduates.

Companies to keep an eye out for:

Oxbotica – A tech house that is pioneering autonomous vehicle technologies, the aims and technology feels like something of the future! If you want to keep pushing your boundaries, this is the company for you

Written by Rosie Bancroft

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