Managing Your Well-Being Through Health-Tech Apps

Over the past few years, we have witnessed the evolution of the healthcare industry. The credit here goes to emerging technologies like blockchain and artificial intelligence to name a few.  Mobile health (mHealth) is on track to be a nearly £300 billion market by 2025. The telehealth industry will grow approximately 19% between 2019 and […]

Gadgets to Help You Stick to Your New Years Resolution

Making a New Years resolution is easy; keeping one is hard. As the year changes, we start afresh with a new set of positive goals to chase. But keeping that resolution? Many of us fail in the first week. If you want to get it right in 2020, these gadgets should assist you in your […]

Top Tech from CES 2020

CES 2020 Logo Picture

Each year the CES technology conference is held in Las Vegas and companies of all sizes debut their latest innovations and commercial products. Tech fanatics, industry experts and retailers attend the conference trying to spot and even buy the latest technologies. Here’s our rundown of some of the coolest gadgets and digital advancements from this […]

Tech Factor – 2019’s Best

Tech Factor Logo

Welcome  to Tech Factor! A celebration of Hollerings’ favourite and most engaging tweeters. Each edition will focus on a different sector of the Digital and IT industry to showcase the most talented influencers on Twitter. In this instalment we are reflecting on a the top tech influencers of 2019 before we head into the new […]

Developers – What job should you chase in 2020?

As a developer you may be thinking, What should I concentrate my learning on in 2020? With over 2000 programming languages being created since the software was born, many have gained substantial popularity over others. As we advance to 2020, it’s a good time to reflect on learning priorities for 2020.  But before we start […]

Tech Start Ups of 2019

From Fintech to Healthcare, these are the UK startups that have taken over the technology world in 2019.  The Hollerings team have researched the latest companies – looking at social media, funding rounds, popularity and everything in between. Ending with this impressive list that is sure to change your life for good! Need a doctor? […]

The Technology Trio to Watch for 2020

2020 trends feature image

With every new year, technology advances and new trends arise. From mass implementation of new systems or big leaps in the abilities of our existing processes, here is the technology trio worth watching out for: Artificial Intelligence As with previous years the evolution of Artificial Intelligence will continue, creating even more sophisticated systems and more commercial […]

Wearables in Education

Wearable tech has a big role in creating the classroom of tomorrow. In fact, according to Research and Markets, adoption of wearable technology in schools will grow by 46% per year over the next five years. VR Virtual reality has opened endless doors to many different industries, and also to the education. VR has changed […]

Neurosity: Breaking boundaries with the power of your mind

notion by nuerosity

The idea of controlling the world around you with the power of your mind still seems like something confined to movie screens, but one biotechnology company is breaking boundaries to create these products.  Neurosity Neurosity is a new-york based startup that is reimagining how our brains and computers can work together and create outstanding neuro-powered […]

Top Wearable Technology Companies to Watch

Top Wearables Logos Feature Image

Wearable technology is quickly becoming a large industry with the scientific background to support life-changing tech. Whether it is small differences that make our day-to-day life easier or ground-breaking changes that solve huge problems.  Whether you are just interested in the world of wearable tech or are looking for a specific product, here are our […]