The best travel tech on the market

Tech can quickly fill up your suitcase, so what should you take when travelling? We have found the most reliable and convenient travel technology that should not be left behind in 2019! The Music sleep mask This Music Sleep Mask is less than £30! Imagine being able to sleep on the flight in peace? It […]

AI: Changing the face of Sport

It’s July and that means one thing in sport… Wimbledon and The British Open. Most recently Artificial Intelligence has been changing two of our favourite summer sports, Tennis and Golf. Tennis and Artificial Intelligence Wimbledon has paved the way for using Artificial Intelligence. Players are able to analyse each match and their technique after each […]

Must-Read Cyber Security Blogs of 2019

If you work in the cyber security industry or are interested in pursuing a career in this vitally important field, it’s important to stay up to date on the latest trends and advancements. Reading blogs and checking in on popular websites is one of the best ways to do that.  Here are 15 of our […]

Digital Scene: Data hubs of the UK

Cityscape in lights

Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have taken over the digital scene in the past few years. More companies and graduates focusing their attention on the industry with the possibilities continue to sky-rocket. If you are looking to make the most of this data frenzy, there is a couple of places that you need […]

You AR what you eat

AR Food

Food order remembered 💬 Kiosks that use a camera to recognise regular customers are available today as a part of self-order technology. Cleverly created to make suggestions based on your previous order history and is already being used at the fast-growing high-end burger chain BurgerFi, among others. Once you opt in to facial recognition, you […]

Future Fifty – Phenomenal Fintech’s

What is the programme? Founded in 2013, Future Fifty works to champion the best British technology companies and provide support as they embark on their scale up journey on a national and international level. Alongside this, the programmes help the organisations create jobs and inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs. The programme is supported by […]

2019’s Digital Skills Festival

Today is the start of the Digital Skills Festival, back in Manchester gathering the North West’s best talent alongside biggest tech employers to tackle the widening skill shortage. Starting from today, this event lasts for 5 days ending on the 8th of February. It is the largest digital skills career fair with 1,500 students attending […]

Top 5 Gadgets of 2018

Happy new year! 2018 has seen some of the coolest tech gadget releases to date. Understandably, opinions have been divided on which laptops, phones, cameras and smartwatches are the best. Here is a round up of what we at Searchability believe the most popular tech gadgets of 2018 were. ​Sphero The cutest Bot of the […]

Websites you wish you made yourself

It’s no surprise that the majority of my favourite websites come from digital agencies, just look at how responsive the design is! A big plus to any of the sites using Helvetica font, mine and Leah’s all time favourite font.. Is it normal to have a favourite font? First on the list is Delete, a […]

6 iPhone Apps That Will Help You Boost Your Job Search!

Are you applying for job after job on a variety of different platforms and are struggling to keep up to date with all your applications? The job search process can be extremely time consuming and a little overwhelming, especially if you are submitting your interest on a large scale. With apps emerging in most industries […]