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Top Wearable Technology Companies to Watch

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Wearable technology is quickly becoming a large industry with the scientific background to support life-changing tech. Whether it is small differences that make our day-to-day life easier or ground-breaking changes that solve huge problems. 

Whether you are just interested in the world of wearable tech or are looking for a specific product, here are our top companies that are worth watching out for:


As a company known for technology outside of the wearable industry, Panasonic’s recent venture into wearable tech has come in the form of the Wear Space product. This product comes from the Future Life Factory section of Panasonic and aims to give its users a personal psychological space. 

The sides of the device work to reduce both sight and hearing, increasing concentration and personal space in open areas. You can find more information about this wearable here.

More recently Panasonic has also paired with Layer to create the balance of being range; a set of six near future design concepts, two of which are wearable. The Grow hair band uses advanced LED light treatment to help the users hair grow with a healthy structure. The Tone necklace uses a mixture of steam and LED light treatments to improve the complexion and health of skin on the decolletage and face.  

Tone Necklace
Grow Hairband


A high profile start-up with an even more well-known founder; Elon Musk, Neuralink is a more permanent form of wearable technology as the ‘threads’ go down into a user’s brain to detect neuron activity.

So far the company seems to be aiming for a harmonious relationship between artificial intelligence and humans, as the small chips true capability is not yet fully determined and the potential uses of Neuralink are huge. 

You can learn more about the scientific leaps Neuralink are making here.


As a well established organisation Sony has its technology roots in a range of forms, with wearables such as headphones always playing a big part. More recently they have invested in a highly anticipated product; a small wearable air conditioner. Using bluetooth and an accompanying app, the device can be controlled to either heat or cool its user. 

This product comes as part of Sony’s startup acceleration program that takes smaller idea from within the company and external technology experts to make innovative technology ideas reality.

You can find more information regarding the wearable air conditioner here

sony aircon wearable


A leading organisation within the industrial automation industry, Comau is taking the wearable technology industry by storm with an all new exoskeleton that uses zero electric power. The product is called MATE; muscular aiding tech exoskeleton, and uses passive spring-based mechanisms to reduce strain for factory workers.

Get a better understanding of the MATE exoskeleton here

MATE exoskeleton


This organisation has used wearable tech to fix the problem a daily problem that annoys everyone – forgetting your umbrella and getting rained on! Kisha has developed a smart umbrella with partnering software that is able to notify you when you’ve left your brolly behind. 

Taking such a fashionable and practical spin on wearable tech is proving beneficial for Kisha with multiple different designs of umbrellas being released.


Specialising in wearable technology for the medical industry, Acurable has created an incredible range of wearable sensors that are able to accurately diagnose and then manage respiratory conditions. 

Using a small pebble like sensor and accompanying app users are able to look at conditions such as sleep apnoea.

The wearable technology already available through Acurable is also paving the way for increased research and design to help create wearables that can identify other healthcare issues.

acurable pebble


Elvie is an organisation taking wearable technology, empowering women and healthcare all into account to create smart products that alleviate the restrictions that other products place on women. 

The tech Elvie product continues to improve with new products and upgraded solutions being released regularly.

For more information on some of the companies listed here along with other upcoming wearable technology organisations visit Polidea.com here.

Written by: Rosie Bancroft

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