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The Technology Trio to Watch for 2020

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With every new year, technology advances and new trends arise. From mass implementation of new systems or big leaps in the abilities of our existing processes, here is the technology trio worth watching out for:

Artificial Intelligence

As with previous years the evolution of Artificial Intelligence will continue, creating even more sophisticated systems and more commercial products. AI is set to become a service for everyone as it automates tasks that can be pre-determined or completed with algorithms. 

Whilst large organisations such as Amazon, Google and Microsoft will continue to dominate the industry, a number of other organisations and startups have began to incorporate artificial intelligence.

Expect the products you can buy to become even more sophisticated with integrated AI that can answer more of your questions and help you to automate tasks in your daily life.

Internet of Things - IoT

Connectivity between the Internet of Things is set to continue rising as almost all technology gadgets have built in WiFi and are part of the data exchange process. Whether it is your smart watch, smart fridge or a smart doorbell, more and more devices are joining the IoT with 2020 set to have an even bigger increase. 

Organisations are also set to be using IoT more in 2020 as a way to increase safety and efficiency within data driven decision making as data is collected and analysed more quickly through a range of devices.

Extended Reality - VR, AR, MR

This includes a broader range of immersive technologies including Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality. These forms of tech are already gaining traction within the commercial market as companies such as Snapchat filters, Asos’ virtual catwalk or Specsavers virtual try-on

As the technology becomes more accessible, small companies will be able to access extended reality and industries such as education, marketing and healthcare will be able to integrate it into their portfolio. Most businesses will be using it for staff training and development whilst the retail industry may focus on the benefits for improving customer interaction.

For a consumer, the technology should begin to become more attainable at a lower price allowing everyone to get involved.

Mixed Reality
Image from Bernardmarr.com

For more information on this technology trio and other technology trends for 2020 check out articles from this Forbes article by Bernard Marr this Simplilearn article.

Written by: Rosie Bancroft

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