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Tech Factor – 2019’s Best

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Welcome  to Tech Factor! A celebration of Hollerings’ favourite and most engaging tweeters.

Each edition will focus on a different sector of the Digital and IT industry to showcase the most talented influencers on Twitter.

In this instalment we are reflecting on a the top tech influencers of 2019 before we head into the new year…

2019 Top Influencers

Throughout the year there has been many inspirational tweeters who have made a positive impact upon the technology community. 

Looking back across 2019 Tech Factor editions there are some stand out influencers that are well worth following.

James Wright is a Software Developer with a solid 1.6K followers!

James is a friendly face in the North-West tech community and uses his software knowledge to help others improve and enjoy coding! As the co-founder of Manchester Web Meetup James regularly gives talks at events to share the expertise gained during his previous positions at well-known companies like Sky, Channel 4, YLD and Net-A-Porter.

If you aren’t already we highly recommend following James! 

Pauline Narvas has a brilliant 4k followers and is a leading figure within the #womenintech movement in Yorkshire and the whole UK. 

Pauline is a Digital Engineering Graduate at BT by day and a figure head to the female tech community all the time. She regularly attends meetups, speaks at events, has a fantastic blog and trained lots of other female coders!

If you’ve been under a rock and don’t already follow Pauline now is your chance!

Sam Hurley is a Twitter enthusiast with over 121K followers! 

Sam is a well-known marketing guru who specialises in digital and social media marketing!  Having been featured in highly established publications including @entrepreneur, @inc, @fastcompany, @Forbes and @TheNextWeb.

Don’t wait any longer… go and follow Sam today!

Dan Ashby has nearly 5k followers and is known for being an inspiration within the Quality and Testing community. 

Dan is the co-founder of  Software Testing Clinic, co-host of the brilliant Testing in the Pub podcast and is the Head of Quality Engineering at Photobox. Dan’s enthusiasm is infectious and is making strides to improve the software community.

Take the time to follow Dan today and you’ll be glad you did!

Hollerings Influencer of the Day

2019 has been full of amazing tweets and a thriving tech community on twitter which includes many more than just our honourable mentions above! Over on twitter we name a new Influencer of the Day each day to celebrate all the individuals who bring something special to the industry.  

Take a look at a handful of our shout-outs:

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