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Top Tech from CES 2020

CES 2020 Logo Picture

Each year the CES technology conference is held in Las Vegas and companies of all sizes debut their latest innovations and commercial products. Tech fanatics, industry experts and retailers attend the conference trying to spot and even buy the latest technologies.

Here’s our rundown of some of the coolest gadgets and digital advancements from this years CES 2020 conference:

Smart Belt

Forget about your Smart Watch and scales, this amazing Smart Belt was released at the conference. Just put it on, connect it to your app and let it track you. With 32 size adjustments the belt is considered much more comfortable than a standard belt whilst also tracking your steps, calories and time spent sedentary.

As the belt adjusts in small increments and tracks your progress you will know if you are slimming down, getting bigger or staying the same! 

Mercedes-Benz VISION AVTR Concept Car

Mercedes-Benz unveiled its futuristic concept car at this years conference and, with a helping hand from James Cameron, literally blew peoples minds!

The Vision AVTR vehicle uses a centre console instead of steering wheel, can identify different drivers due to your heartbeat and projects menu options onto the drivers hands.

Having been directly inspired by the Avatar film, the concept car is designed as a zero impact car by using electric and being carbon-neutral. The main aim for the car is to connect humans and technology to a new, more emotional, level.

Find out more about the car with this Business Insider article.  

Samsung's Invisble Keyboard

This one seems a little too good to be true; Samsung’s Invisible Keyboard. As a project from the organisations in-house idea incubators, known as C-Labs, and is a software which creates a virtual keyboard. 

Known as SelfieType this product uses the front-facing camera and a sophisticated AI algorithm to give almost any smart device an invisible keyboard. 

Artificial and Virtual Reality glasses

The Artificial Reality and Virtual Reality trend could be seen across all the conference as multiple companies released headsets or glasses.

Smaller frames could be seen from companies such as Nreal, Madgaze and LetinAR. Whilst organisations such as Pimax and Pico opted for larger headsets for a different audience. 

Whatever you preference for smart glasses there was definitely something available for you.

It doesn't stop there...

As with every year of the CES Conference, the top companies reveal there top and new gadgets to the world of tech.

Check out some of the other innovations here:

Written by: Rosie Bancroft

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