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Neurosity: Breaking boundaries with the power of your mind

notion by nuerosity

The idea of controlling the world around you with the power of your mind still seems like something confined to movie screens, but one biotechnology company is breaking boundaries to create these products. 


Neurosity is a new-york based startup that is reimagining how our brains and computers can work together and create outstanding neuro-powered applications. Co-founded by AJ Keller and Alex Castillo, the company has a wealth of experience behind it and after nearly two years of development has a cult following of mesmerised tech fans. You can check out more about both AJ and Alex on Twitter along with the company feed

The main wearable product, notion, sits on a users head and translates thoughts into action. Working alongside a personalised app suite, there is a seamless integration path that makes the technology accessible to almost everyone.

Neurosity has worked to tackle some of the current day concerns including data protection, battery life and connectivity by using the most high-spec technology available. For example, an N1 Chipset for protected data, a wire free long lasting battery, wifi and BLE connections for use anywhere. More detailed descriptions of these technologies can be found on Neurosity.co.

The possibilities of Neurosity and the Notion device can seem so far away from our current capabilities, however Alex explains it simply here:

Written by: Rosie Bancroft

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