Expanding your network digitally during COVID

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Networking has become a great challenge for businesses as connecting and develop relationships with other like-minded individuals digitally now the only method, as a result of the global pandemic. Back in May this year, CW jobs surveyed 2,000 UK workers and 68% agreed that career success depends on ‘who you know, not what you know”. […]

Top Upcoming Tech Events in Austin

Austin’s technology industry and community is continuing to thrive through the COVID pandemic and with virtual event software such as Zoom and Eventbrite, we are all able to attend meetups and events to network, learn and inspire! Here are some of of the top upcoming events in Austin to keep you connected in the run-up […]

Catching the eye of your employer for your first graduate role!

Think outside the box

There is a common misconception that degrees are not always beneficial when trying to land your dream job. Some research shows that graduates still carry a strong advantage over someone without a degree but many companies also value experience over academics. Many graduates are unaware that their qualification is not the only crucial element to […]

NORA Award Finalist – Best Employment Advice Website

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Back in 2018, the three of us started with Searchability as Graduate Research Associates – Leah, Heather and Rosie. With Searchability having a focus on finding new and modified ways to facilitate conversations with candidates in the market, we wanted to change the way we engage with the tech industry in a new creative environment, […]

Byte of Tech – Dan Englishby


Whether you are new to the tech community on twitter or a long standing member we’re sure you’ll know of Dan Englishby. We got the opportunity to talk with Dan and discuss his inspirational platform CodeWall, working within the new normal and life on social media. Hi Dan, we all know you as the Founder […]

Don’t be fooled on April Fools

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April Fools, it comes once a year but does it really ever go as planned? There are always people that completely forget about it and those that take it way too far!  Here are some of the best and worst April Fool’s pranks: The Messy Toilet When we were children, we all at some point […]

The Inspirational Women of Tech History

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With March being Women’s History Month and the month of International Women’s Day many of us have been reflecting on the women who inspire us, support us and paved the way for us to live more equally. STEM industries have developed some incredible innovations over the past decade. With lots of inspiring woman helping with the […]

The bumpy ride of adulthood

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You’ve finally done it, you’ve become an adult and wow doesn’t it feel great! All this freedom and choice to do whatever you want whenever you want, it’s going to be the best time of your life… or is it?! Flash forward to a couple of weeks later and the novelty has worn off. When […]

Tech Factor – Founders of Unicorn Status Startups

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Welcome  to Tech Factor! A monthly celebration of Hollerings’ favourite and most engaging tweeters. Each month we focus on a different sector of the Digital and IT industry to showcase the most talented influencers on Twitter. This month we are focusing on the founders of some of the biggest and brightest tech startups that have made […]

Special Projects: Improving your well-being with innovative technology

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Having a smart phone has been shown to dramatically affect personal well-being but remains a form of technology that we just can’t give up. Whether it’s as a constant distraction, an endless stream of comparison through social media or an information overload, we are all stuck to our smart phones for the ease of communication […]