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Top talent available now in South Yorkshire

We’ve collated a fantastic selection of permanent and contractors in your area who are available for immediate interview. So if you see a skillset that you require, please call us on 0113 887 8355 and we can answer any questions and provide more information.

Permanent candidates


.Net Developer

​£47k | Sheffield

C#, ASP.NET MVC, Microservices Architecture, Continuous Integration.

Left previous role to set up own business but didn’t end up working out.

Available immediately.

DevOps Engineer

£64k | Sheffield/Leeds
AWS, Jenkins, Chef, Terraform, Linux.
Passed AWS Professional exam and is now seeking a role with more cloud focus.
Available in 3 months.

.Net Developer

£35k | Doncaster

C#, .NET, .Net Core, Azure, MVC

Just been made redundant, available start of July.

Available in 1 month.

Cloud Architect

£60k | Sheffield

AWS, CentOS, Ubuntu, VMWare

IT Department been outsourced to the USA so uncertainty in role.

Available in 1 month.

Systems Architect

£40k | Sheffield

CentOS, Ubuntu, AWS, Terraform, Saltstack.

Looking to upskill and eventually get into a DevOps role.

Available in 1 month.

Test Consultant

£35k | Sheffield

SQL, API testing, Unit testing, Software testing

Looking for a new challenge.

Available in 1 month.

PHP Developer

£24k | Wakefield

PHP, Magento, MySql, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Git and jQuery.

Wants to shorten his commute.

Available in 2 weeks.

PHP Developer

£30k | Wakefield

WordPress, PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery and Git.

Dave is looking to take on a new opportunity after being in his job for a while.

Available in 1 month.

QA Tester

£30k | Chesterfield

Testing, Agile.

Jacob is looking for a new challenge.

Available in 1 month.

UX Designer

£35k | Chesterfield

Photoshop, Adobe XD, Illustrator.

Jake has been at his current company for a while and is now looking for a new local and exciting opportunity.

Available in 1 month.

Contract candidates


.Net Developer

£450 | Doncaster

C#, .NET Core, Azure, MVC, Azure, Umbraco

Available immediately.

Project Manager

£400 | Sheffield

Project Management, Service Management, Agile Methodologies.

Contract is coming to an end, now looking for a new opportunity to demonstrate his skills as a Project Manager. 

Available in 3 weeks

UX/UI Designer

£420 | Sheffield

Sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects.

As Ryan’s contract comes to an end he wants to continue working on high quality projects with a new opportunity.

Available in 3 weeks

SQL Server Developer

£400 | Yorkshire

SQL Server, Visual Studio, .Net, WinForms.

Contract is ending so is on the lookout for Leeds/Sheffield area.

​Available in 4 weeks

Technical Consultant (.Net)

£430 | Chesterfield/Sheffield

.Net, C#, Web API, MVC, SOLID Principles

Fred’s contract is coming to end and is looking for something near to Chesterfield.

Available in 1 month

For more information about any of these fantastic candidates please call the team on 0113 887 8355

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Comprising of tech hubs such as Sheffield and Rotherham, you’d be surprised at the amount of pioneering companies who call South Yorkshire home. With millions more being invested into the Sheffield tech scene over the next few years, this area has so much to offer from talent to top jobs.

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