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Affordably boost your inbound recruitment marketing​

HubHoller is an exciting collaboration by Searchability and JobHoller that uniquely combines recruitment, marketing and technology into a targeted inbound recruitment campaign for an organisation to affordably attract the right people for their job vacancies and become a future destination employer of choice.

Affordably boost your inbound recruitment marketing

HubHoller provides your organisation with a fully managed, bespoke 28-day recruitment marketing campaign, crafted to target a specific job vacancy, that aims to attract more relevant and engaged candidates by building your employer brand so that you become a future destination employer of choice.
HubHoller targeted job vacancy campaigns includes all of these features;

  • ​​Managed by recruitment experts​
  • Job advert optimisation
  • Receive all CVs directly
  • Applicant Tracking System
  • ​Posting to UKs #1 job boards
  • Paid social media advertising campaign
  • Build employer branding and reputation
  • Online candidate recruitment hub

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Your campaign is managed daily by recruitment experts

Your recruitment marketing campaign is carefully managed on your behalf by our award-winning team of recruitment experts.

Build your employer brand

Every company has an Employer Brand, whether they like it or not.

Employer branding is the process of promoting your company as the employer of choice to attract, recruit and retain ideal employees who ‘fit’ your company culture.

Hub helps you begin to discover and shape your employer brand to attract better quality candidates, and over time reduce reliance upon recruitment agencies.


Submission to the UK’s leading job boards

Our team of expert recruiters at Searchability will write your job advert to appeal to potential candidates and achieve higher job rankings on the relevant job boards we post to as part of your campaign, for example;

Candidate recruitment hub

Included within Hub is a unique careers page, personalised to your organisation, to promote your employer brand, post jobs and enhance your candidate experience.

Applicant Tracking System

Easily filter through your job applications and keep track of their status with our Applicant Tracking System (ATS), or if you prefer, receive CVs directly into your inbox.

​Become a future destination employer of choice

You’ll want to attract people who align with your organisations values and goals as these are the people likely to be most engaged and stay for longer at your organisation. Attracting people who don’t resonate with your company culture can cause you to waste unnecessary time on reviewing CV’s and conducting interviews that don’t result in a hire.

In fact, organisations investing in their employer brand are 3x more likely to make a quality hire.

Why HubHoller works…

HubHoller works because we deliver a bespoke, fully managed and targeted recruitment campaign, based around a specific job vacancy, that is highly relevant and therefore resonates with the intended audience.

Crucially, your applicants are directed to a branded online candidate recruitment hub that is loaded with content relevant to them and the vacancy, rather than your business website which is typically designed to engage existing and new customers… ask yourself;

“Would you eat in a restaurant who has an advert in their window recruiting a Head Chef?”

Ultimately, HubHoller recruitment experts save you time and money by doing what they’re best at – recruiting.


Affordable fixed-fee pricing

Your personalised 28-day Hub recruitment marketing campaign includes a comprehensive list of features, yet costs a one-off fee of only £1,000

This represents incredible value when you consider the average campaign typically involves a minimum of £3,000 worth of product if purchased separately.

Plus, there’s a 100% cash-back rebate available!

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