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Top talent available now in North and East Yorkshire

We’ve collated a fantastic selection of permanent and contractors in your area who are available for immediate interview. So if you see a skillset that you require, please call us on 0113 887 8355 and we can answer any questions and provide more information.

Permanent candidates



£26k | York

Ruby on Rails, C#, JavaScript, SQL, Agile

​Looking for a new role that is closer to home and have more progression opportunities.

Available in 4 Weeks

Software Developer

£22k | Hull

C#, ASP.NET, MVC, JavaScript, NodeJS

Looking for a opportunity that can provide a four day working week.

Available in 1 Week 

Chief Technology Officer

£130k | Harrogate

Leader, Growth Management, Product Investment, Roadmaps 

Looking to join a new organisation where there is a clear progression path.

​Available in 3 Months

Chief Technology Officer

£105k | Harrogate

Strong Technical Background, Management, Business Growth

Looking to join a new organisation to work on a new range of challenging projects and needs.

​Available immediately

Lead Developer

£60k | York

C#, ASP.NET, MVC, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Microsoft, Leadership

Looking to begin a new role with a combination of hands-on and management work.

Available in 3 Months

Graduate Developer

​£22k | Harrogate

Java, Python, C, HTML, CSS

​Looking for a thriving organisation where he can begin his software development career and further grow his skills.

Available by 1st June

Systems Tester

£55k | Newcastle Upon Tyne

Bash Script, qTest, iTest, Speedtest, TRAC, Redmine, SOAPUI, Cucumber, Selenium

Looking to being a new role with a shorter commute from home.

Available in 2 Weeks

Front End Developer

£25k | Hull

HTML, CSS, MVC, JavaScript, jQuery, C#, PHP

Looking to join a local new organisation to work on a fresh range of challenging projects.

Available in 1 Month

Front End Developer

£40k | Ilkley

HTML, CSS, SASS, JavaScript, jQuery, Illustrator, Photoshop

Looking to join an organisation to gain stability after a period of freelance working.

Available in 2 Weeks

Lead Data Analyst

£35k | York

SAS, Data Transfers, SOP’s, Controlled Forms

Looking for a new working environment to develop her skills and gain more responsibility. 

Available in 1 Month 

Contract candidates


Front End Developer

£390 | York

PHP, Laravel, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, CSS, Responsive Design, Bootstrap

Looking for a new working environment to continue developing his technical stack.

Available immediately

.Net Developer

£340 | York

C#, .NET, ASP.NET, WebAPI, T-SQL, PL-SQL, JavaScript, jQuery

Looking for a new contract position that where he can continue to gain more responsibility.

Available immediately 

QA Tetser

£150 | Hull

Selenium, RESTful, Automation 

Looking to join a new local organisation where she can make positive changes.

Available in 1 Week 

Client Manager

£290 | Hessle

PPC, Paid Social Campaigns, Display Campaigns, Large Budgets

Ready to join an new organisation as her current contract comes to an end.

​Available in 1 Month

BI Data Modeler

£440 | Hull

SQL, T-SQL, Power BI, Visual Basic, Azure

Looking for a new contract position within a thriving organisation and work on new projects.

​Available in 1 Month

For more information about any of these fantastic candidates please call the team on 0113 887 8355

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With technology strongholds such as Hull, York, Durham and Newcastle-upon-Tyne, this area provides some of the key IT houses providing commercial products. Home to the Innovation SuperNetwork the North-East is set to grow to become one of the UK’s largest IT and Digital innovators.

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In a market where there are more technical vacancies than skilled candidates it has never been more important to connect, engage and build relationships.

A strong employer brand is necessary for attracting top talent and position your organisation as a future employer of choice.

Recruitment marketing campaigns are crafted to support a specific job vacancy, and aim to attract more relevant and engaged candidates.

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