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With Manchester being the second biggest technology hub in the country, this region has a broad range of tech talent and companies. Especially thriving for it’s Data Science community, there is so much to offer from innovative start-ups to digital powerhouses. Coupled with the outstanding reputation of the Manchester universities, it’s no wonder why techies are drawn to the area.

Searchability are a multi-award winning people agency who have successfully combined proven recruitment solutions with employer branding, inbound recruitment marketing, graduate recruitment and bespoke engagement technology to create a very unique full-service agency.

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Top talent available now in Manchester, Lancashire and Cumbria

We’ve collated a fantastic selection of permanent and contractors in your area who are available for immediate interview. So if you see a skillset that you require, please call us on 0161 694 7999 and we can answer any questions and provide more information.

Permanent placements


Senior BI Developer

£55k | Warrington

Development of BI Architecture, Data Warehousing, Microsoft BI Stack, Tableau

​Looking for a new role after being made redundant.

Available Immediately

​.Net Developer

£43k | Manchester

​C#, ASP.NET, WebForms, SQL, JavaScript, HTML, CSS

Looking to return to work after taking time out to care for her young children.

Available immediately

Senior QA Analyst

£40k | Preston

​Selenium WebDriver,
TestRail, Agile

​Looking for a new organisation that can offer challenging projects to further develop his skills.

Available in 2 Months

Social Media Manager

£40k |

ManchesterPaid/Oragnic social media expert. Familiar with Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram advertising. Uses Hootsuite for social management. Agency experience and worked with budgets up to £60,000 per Quarter.​

Looking to move back into permanent roles after spending some time contracting. 

Available in 4 Weeks

Agile Delivery Lead

£50k | Stockport

Agile Delivery Management, .NET, SQL Server

Pablo is looking to move on to a more challenging environment that can offer more detailed projects.

Available in 3 Weeks

Test Analyst

£35k | Manchester

Automation, Manual Testing, Agile, Selenium, SQL

Looking to join a new organisation to work on more challenging projects and continue developing her skills. 

Available in 4 Weeks

PHP Developer

£40k | Manchester

PHP, JavaScript, MVC, Zend, Symphony, Laravel

David is looking to join a new local organisation that utilises a more modern technical stack. 

Available in 2 Weeks

.Net Developer

£40k | Blackpool


Looking to continue progressing his skills by working on new challenging projects and utilising new languages. 

Available in 4 Weeks

Agile Delivery Lead

£28k | Manchester

Delivery Management, Agile, SQL Server

Ruth is looking to begin a new position after being made redundant by her previous employers. ​

Available immediately

Digital Marketing Manager

£23k | Manchester

Paid Social Accounts, Social Media Management

​Looking to continue developing his skills within a thriving environment and work on new projects to learn emerging technologies. 

Available immediately

Senior .Net Developer

£60k | Manchester

C#, ASP.NET, VB.NET, Visual Studio.NET, WinForms, MVC, Java, PHP, Xamarin

Craig is looking for a new organisation where he can focus on new greenfield projects. 

Available in 12 Weeks

Contract placements


2nd Line Support

£150 | Manchester

Windows 7 to 365, Active Directory, PowerShell/VB Script, Citrix

Looking for a new organisation that can offer forward thinking technical projects as his current contract comes to an end.

Available immediately

2nd/3rd Line Support

£150 | Preston

Windows 7 to 365, Active Directory, Voip Systems,
​IPIO Processes

Looking for a new contract to continue his strong technical skill set.

Available immediately

JavaScript Developer

£450 | Manchester

JavaScript,  NodeJS, ReactJS, HTML, CSS

​Looking to begin a new contract within a modern environment.

Available in 1 Week

Performance Tester

£450 | North-West

LoadRunner, JMeter, Gatling, Neoload, Scripting and Execution, SOAP, REST, AJAX

Looking to begin a new contract that works with modern new technologies and continue developing his skills.

Available in 2 Weeks

.Net Developer

£430 | North-West

C#, ASP.NET, .NET Core, MVC, SQL Server

Samuel wants to begin a new contract within a busy working environment that will allow him to work on challenging projects.

Available in 1 Week

Full Stack Developer

£450 | North-West

C#, ASP.NET, PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, MVC

Abid is looking to start a new contract that will allow him to work with a modern technical stack and continue developing his skills.

​Available immediately

For more information about any of these fantastic candidates please call the team on 0161 694 7999

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