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Top talent available now in Home Counties and Anglia

We’ve collated a fantastic selection of permanent and contractors in your area who are available for immediate interview. So if you see a skillset that you require, please call us on 01223 655 838 and we can answer any questions and provide more information.

Permanent candidates


Full Stack JavaScript Developer

£35k | Cambridge

JavaScript, HTML, CSS, VueJS, React.

Looking for a new challenge.

Available in 1 month.

Senior Full Stack Developer

£75k | Cambridge

JavaScript, VUEJS, ReactJS, HTML, CSS.

New challenge..

Available in 1 month.

PPC Focused Account Manager

£35k | Uppingham

PPC Campaigns and Advertising, Display Advertising, Bing, B2B, B2C, SEO, UX/UI, Google Fundamentals Qualified.

Company closer to home.

Available in 1 month..

C++ Developer

£45k | Peterborough

C++, C, C#, Java.

Just been made redundant by his previous employer.

Available immediately.

Marketing Manager

£45k | Peterborough

Working with Multi-Million Pound campaigns, Online, Content Creation, 100% B2B, Creative, Website Management, PR.

New Marketing Manager challenge.

Available in 1 month.

Lead JavaScript Developer

£40k | Cambridge

JavaScript, VUEJS, ReactJS, HTML, CSS.

Wants a new Lead position as was miss sold current companies position.

​Available in 1 month.

Test Engineer

£40k | Cambridge

Automation tester, Creating test scripts, Selenium, Java.

Looking for a new challenge.

​​Available in 1 month.

3rd Line Support

£35k | Cambridge

C#, SQL Server, Windows Server, Active Directory, TCP/IP, Dell/HP, Linux Red Hat, VMWare.

Moved back to the area and current company broken promises on remote working.

​​Available in 2 weeks.

C++ Developer

£23k | Cambridge

C++, C, C#, Open Source

Just finished his degree and is really keen to find company that enables him space to grow!

Available immediately.

Contract candidates


DevOps Engineer

£500 | Peterborough

AWS, Linux, Networking, Bash, Python, Kubernetes,Cloud, Jenkins.

Available immediately.

.Net Developer

£470 | Cambridge

.Net, C#, Web API, MVC, Unity, WPF.

Available in 2 weeks.

JavaScript Developer

£500  | Cambridge

JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Angular, React, Node, SQL.

Available immediately.

For more information about any of these fantastic candidates please call the team on 01223 655 838

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Home to the largest concentration of Telecom companies and prestigious Universities, the Home Counties and Anglia are in the perfect location for those who still want to enjoy the London lifestyle from an outside perspective. A short travel into the capital, the surrounding counties hold an array of established IT and Digital houses to supply tech lovers to give them the perfect insight into this industry.

Searchability are a multi-award winning people agency who have successfully combined proven recruitment solutions with employer branding, inbound recruitment marketing, graduate recruitment and bespoke engagement technology to create a very unique full-service agency.

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HubHoller provides your organisation with a bespoke 28-day recruitment marketing campaign, crafted to support a specific job vacancy, that aims to attract more relevant and engaged candidates by building your employer brand so that your become a future destination employer of choice.

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In a market where there are more technical vacancies than skilled candidates it has never been more important to connect, engage and build relationships.

A strong employer brand is necessary for attracting top talent and position your organisation as a future employer of choice.

Recruitment marketing campaigns are crafted to support a specific job vacancy, and aim to attract more relevant and engaged candidates.

Graduate recruitment is not as easy as going to a career fair and offering the best graduate a job, however, there are many ways a company can attract top graduate talent and for graduates to get noticed.

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