Expanding your network digitally during COVID

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Networking has become a great challenge for businesses as connecting and develop relationships with other like-minded individuals digitally now the only method, as a result of the global pandemic. Back in May this year, CW jobs surveyed 2,000 UK workers and 68% agreed that career success depends on ‘who you know, not what you know”. […]

Top Upcoming Tech Events in Austin

Austin’s technology industry and community is continuing to thrive through the COVID pandemic and with virtual event software such as Zoom and Eventbrite, we are all able to attend meetups and events to network, learn and inspire! Here are some of of the top upcoming events in Austin to keep you connected in the run-up […]

Keeping your workforce engaged during the pandemic

Keeping employees engaged during the current pandemic is difficult, especially when near enough everything is done virtually. Interaction and recognition is where it starts, without these aspects you may start to feel distanced and unappreciated for your work. You just have to remember that we are all in this together! Offer support and advice Support […]

Catching the eye of your employer for your first graduate role!

Think outside the box

There is a common misconception that degrees are not always beneficial when trying to land your dream job. Some research shows that graduates still carry a strong advantage over someone without a degree but many companies also value experience over academics. Many graduates are unaware that their qualification is not the only crucial element to […]

Best applications to download during lockdown

With the current pandemic, technology has dramatically been making an impact on people’s lives at home. Allowing people to virtually party together or attend an event all from the safety of your home. House Party App Want to get that Friday Feeling but not quite getting it when alone? Here is the ultimate solution – […]

NORA Award Finalist – Best Employment Advice Website

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Back in 2018, the three of us started with Searchability as Graduate Research Associates – Leah, Heather and Rosie. With Searchability having a focus on finding new and modified ways to facilitate conversations with candidates in the market, we wanted to change the way we engage with the tech industry in a new creative environment, […]

Prepping for Virtual Interviews

The ongoing pandemic has shaped the ways businesses now recruit their candidates. Social distancing regulations have made it difficult for interviews to take place like they usually would. As a result, virtual interviewing has become a widespread solution for many organisations – so now is the time to put your virtual interviewing skills into practice. […]

Back to work – Regaining your focus

It’s hard to take your mind off everything that is going on in the world at the moment, with cases rising and falling, people returning to work and working remotely. Things have changed drastically and our minds may or may not have had the time to adapt. For those of us that have returned to […]

Tackling your job search: Pandemic Edition

As COVID-19 continues, we have been forced to adapt to the new circumstances that are looking to stay here a while. The pandemic has affected how businesses recruit their candidates and only a small number of them are still conducting face-to-face interviews, whilst many are not able to do so. Luckily, the tech industry has […]

How has it ran out… AGAIN?!

There are a lot of things at the moment that could be causing you a headache, it’s been a while since our last “Humpday Headache” blog but we have decided on something that can ruin anyone’s day! Running out of things… From your phone battery to toilet roll here are the things that cause us […]