QA Game Tester – A Gamer’s Dream Job?

Room of arcade games

Being a game tester seems like the dream… getting to play brand new games before anyone else! Surely you will complete the games and find any cheats before all other players get their hands on it.  In reality this dream job might not be all it’s cracked up to be! Here’s what it really means […]

As per my last email…

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Dear Madam/Sir, Nice to e-meet you! Greetings of the day! Happy Wednesday! There is too many cringe worthy ways of opening emails at the moment.  As per my last email, I am getting in touch to discuss how annoying emails can be. Please see attached, the tweets of others feeling the stresses of emails as […]

Dunk… Kerplunk!

Choice of biscuit is always such a tricky one, from the classic custard cream to chocolate hobnobs, they all give an entirely different experience! When doubled up with a cup of tea who really is the reigning champion of lasting the longest? Like a game of Kerplunk, there is always a risk, when is the […]

Does anyone have any snacks?

Plates full of different sweets

You might manage to be healthy all weekend… Just eating your normal three meals a day without a single thought for a snack. But boom! The working week rolls round and suddenly its all you can think about.  There is always that one trusted person that brings way too many snacks in you act like […]

The best travel tech on the market

Tech can quickly fill up your suitcase, so what should you take when travelling? We have found the most reliable and convenient travel technology that should not be left behind in 2019! The Music sleep mask This Music Sleep Mask is less than £30! Imagine being able to sleep on the flight in peace? It […]

Summer of Spotify powered by AI

Summer is the prime time to have your best playlists lined up for those holidays and sunbathing on the beach or BBQ parties. Spotify is the largest on-demand music service application today with over 219 million users. Now it is pushing boundaries using Big Data, AI and Machine Learning to drive success.  Spotify is a data […]

The Most Effective Music Festival Marketing

Festival Feature Image

If you had the money how would you plan your own music festival?  According to eventbrite nearly 40% of festival attendees said they went to more music festivals this year than last, and over half planned to attend even more next year. Despite this, marketing budgets are not limitless and you must ensure you are […]

How technology is revolutionising the music industry

technology lights music girl in the middle

Music festivals thrive on the experience that it creates for those who attend. Technology is integrated into every single festival now, whether its the main component such as the sound system or the ticket site you purchased your ticket from, it follows you through your journey. Big named festivals are not the only ones that […]

Heatwave from hell 🔥

We all know England and sun goes one way or another, on the weekend everyone is flooding into the closest beer garden downing cocktails and beers like there is no tomorrow. But on a weekday the tables turn… This week temperatures have soared and I am sure you can agree with me when I say […]

AI: Changing the face of Sport

It’s July and that means one thing in sport… Wimbledon and The British Open. Most recently Artificial Intelligence has been changing two of our favourite summer sports, Tennis and Golf. Tennis and Artificial Intelligence Wimbledon has paved the way for using Artificial Intelligence. Players are able to analyse each match and their technique after each […]