How AI is helping Dementia and Loneliness

Dementia Action Week Image

                                              Image from Alzheimer’s Society With technology taking over almost every element of our lives, it can be easy to take for granted its transformative power. In support of Dementia Action Week, it […]

Shocking supermarket sweeps

Rows of Supermarket shelves

With each supermarket comes different trials and tribulations. No two shopping experiences are the same. You’ll go to Aldi for the price and convenience which is always a bonus, but you come to the checkout and you’re faced with friendly cashiers… So what’s the problem here? You forgot the cashiers actually have bionic arms and […]

10 key lessons from this years World Employer Branding day


The JobHoller team are back in our Chester HQ after an incredible few days in Lisbon for the 2019 World Employer Branding Day, where we attended as Gold Country partners and delivered a workshop of our own to 270 industry leaders! We thoroughly enjoyed presenting our ideas around social media as a platform to attract and […]

Leeds Digital Festival 2019: A Recap

Leeds Digital Festival Logo

If you are local to Yorkshire and haven’t heard about this years Leeds Digital Festival then you must have been living under a rock… The 2019 edition of #LeedsDigi19 was bigger and better than any previous year, with more events than you could count and collaborations with the largest names in tech across the country. […]

Netflix Nightmares

Scrolling… That’s all I ever do on Netflix, mindlessly scrolling. In fact, according to a 2016 survey published in Bustle, the average person spends 19 minutes scrolling on the streaming service before deciding what to watch. That’s basically 20 minutes, and as Netflix keeps adding more and the choice is just oh-so-tough. You know the […]

And after all, Manchester is UK’s Tech Wonderwall

When you think of Manchester, what comes to mind? Maybe it’s Football teams, Oasis or its Shopping scene, but more recently the city is paving the way for technology and innovation. A 2018 Deloitte report saw Manchester amassing more construction in the past year than Los Angeles and Chicago. With lower property prices, world class […]

Innovative institute of technology in Milton Keynes

electric ball

Milton Keynes was chosen as the government’s new Institute of Technology, being the 8th city in the UK for technical innovation and number 1 for startups outside of London. The Institute of Technology is a type of university or college which belongs to higher education and specialises in technology, applied science and natural sciences, aimed at […]

Printer probs

printing picture

With your word doc open you press print and stay to double check it… tentatively you get up from your seat and begin the walk to the printer. You get all the way down the stairs and across to the printer but to your dismay there are no signs of printing. It must be done […]

The draining reality of smartphone batteries

Smartphone battery

Smartphones crippling battery life is something that triggers everyone. That dreaded moment when you hit 1% and you’re out and about catching up with people – but all you can think about is “what’s an acceptable time to leave so I can sort out this nightmare…” Or you have to try and charge it through […]

Tech Factor – Up & Coming

Tech Factor Logo

Welcome  to Tech Factor! A monthly celebration of Hollerings’ favourite and most engaging tweeters. Each month will focus on a different sector of the Digital and IT industry to showcase the most talented influencers on Twitter. This month we have a our top selection of up and coming influencers who are beginning to make waves the […]