The best travel tech on the market

Tech can quickly fill up your suitcase, so what should you take when travelling? We have found the most reliable and convenient travel technology that should not be left behind in 2019! The Music sleep mask This Music Sleep Mask is less than £30! Imagine being able to sleep on the flight in peace? It […]

The Cancellation Plague

Got that one friend who always cancels? Or is it always you? The cancellation plague is upon us and people are losing more friends than ever – who is to blame? Netflix, Instagram, Income? Who knows.. Don’t take it personally Most cancellations are due to reasons other than a personal attack on you. Your friend […]

It’s World Emoji Day 🎉

Poop Emoji Cookie

Emojis are a key part of any millennials digital communication so what better way to celebrate our use of universally recognised images than with World Emoji Day! Today we celebrate all of our favorite crying faces 😭, dancing ladies 💃, aubergine 🍆 and love heart 💕 emojis but where did they come from? History of […]

How to get creative with job advertising

Man throwing powder paint

We are getting pretty tired of seeing poor attempts at job advertising, with dull lifeless paragraphs plastered across the job boards doing absolutely nothing to excite and engage potential candidates. Even some of the most innovative companies are still falling back on the same boring approaches to job advertising, and we think it’s time we […]

You AR what you eat

AR Food

Food order remembered 💬 Kiosks that use a camera to recognise regular customers are available today as a part of self-order technology. Cleverly created to make suggestions based on your previous order history and is already being used at the fast-growing high-end burger chain BurgerFi, among others. Once you opt in to facial recognition, you […]

7 Benefits Of Recruitment Marketing

Recruitment marketing refers to the strategies and methods of advertising that a company uses to attract, engage and nurture talent before they apply for a job. How a company approaches recruitment marketing for their vacancy can be crucial for the success of their talent acquisition plans, and for the companies that get it right there […]

5 Companies That Are Trying Something Innovative To Recruit

If you’ve ever struggled to recruit the right candidates, or lost out on top talent to your competitors, then it might be time to think outside of the box. Trying something different and creating innovative recruitment campaigns can get you noticed by potential candidates; here are 5 examples of companies who are trying something innovative […]

How To Think Outside The Box With Recruitment Advertising

You’ve probably noticed that there is a skills shortage in the UK right now. With many articles in the press about the shortage of technical skills and fruit farmers struggling with the lack of available workers, it’s time to think outside the box when it comes to recruitment advertising to attract people in the current […]

Attracting Candidates Through Great Content

Marcus Sheridan once said that “great content is the best sales tool in the world”, and you can see why he believed that. Content is an opportunity to go beyond basic advertising and actually tell a story or create something that is genuinely engaging for your audience to help build long term relationships. It’s no […]