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The Cancellation Plague

Got that one friend who always cancels? Or is it always you?

The cancellation plague is upon us and people are losing more friends than ever – who is to blame? Netflix, Instagram, Income? Who knows..

Don’t take it personally

Most cancellations are due to reasons other than a personal attack on you. Your friend could be genuinely ill or be short of money but too embarrassed to tell you because they know you will offer to pay.

As long as your friend is honest about the reason why – which is hardly ever – you should just let it go.

Perfect Timing

It always seems like you get cancelled on for the events when you make the most effort. It’s always just as you’re stepping out the door with clean clothes, washed hair, a full face of makeup and money in your pocket – Typical. 

Now you’re left in the living room, dressed to the nines with nowhere to go. You don’t want to waste all the effort on an evening in with the dog but do you really want to go out on your own?

Tweet about Cancelling plans
Dressed up and your Friend Cancels the Plan

How should I do it?

So what if you are the one who has decided to be lazy. You can not be bothered with the agro of doing your makeup and finding something to wear that is instagrammable.

Here are the 5 ways to let your friends down without causing upset:

  • Try and be as honest as possible.. Or at least believable
  • Rearrange – this is an instant redeemer
  • Do it early… don’t wait until you should have already left to cancel
  • Show your disappointment – Oh my gosh I am so sorry, I bought a new dress and everything
  • Apologise – A point for every time you say ‘sorry’
Cancelling Plans in advance
Knowing you are going to cancel plans
Tweet about cancelling plans

Saving Grace

Every once in a while, you really have to force yourself to stick to your guns and not cancel plans. But the evening comes, you are tired, sat in your pajamas with a cuppa and some tasty snacks, you can’t think of anything worse than leaving the house.

You start racking your brains, what excuse could you come up with… PING your phone goes off. It’s your lucky day, they have cancelled on you!! ‘Oh no.. don’t worry about it Karen’ you reply as you sink back into the sofa. Now you can happily spend the rest of the night curled up without any consequences. 

When someone Cancel Plans you didn't want to go to

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