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AR Food

Technology in food 💻

Technology has made on-demand food ordering possible and the industry is pivoting towards more innovative approaches to meet and exceed customer expectations. As a result, artificial intelligence applications are steadily making their way into the food service industry.

Food order remembered 💬

Kiosks that use a camera to recognise regular customers are available today as a part of self-order technology. Cleverly created to make suggestions based on your previous order history and is already being used at the fast-growing high-end burger chain BurgerFi, among others.

Once you opt in to facial recognition, you can reorder and pay for your favorite dish in less than 10 seconds. WOW, SIGN ME UP!

Alexa I want fries….🍟

In the drive-thru, a car full of hungry customers place their order, talking with a voice-assistant-enabled order taker, and their orders get queued into the POS system just like any other order.

If you accept phone orders but the store hits a busy moment, voice assistant technology could take a customer’s phone order and enter it in your POS as if the customer had ordered via any other ordering channel you offer.

Predictions for the future 🕑

Imagine if your restaurant management platform could predict a spike in foot traffic and fruit smoothie sales based on factors such as weather forecast and local events, the system could predict how many crates of fresh fruit to order, as well as suggest staffing levels timed with that event.

Wouldn’t that be great! Modern AI makes this not only possible, but manageable.

Where is my order ❓

As delivery gains in popularity, with UberEats and Deliveroo, the ability to optimise delivery routes becomes more important to ensure speed, efficiency and food quality. Delivery management technology can help you monitor your drivers progress, provide them with guidance on the best routes to save miles and time, and keep customers in the loop along the way.

Some companies offer tracking – so you can see exactly where your food is and get the plates ready with your favourite TV show on!

Pepper the Robot 🤖

Japanese technology firm SoftBank has collaborated with MasterCard to generate an AI-driven humanoid robot called Pepper. Pepper is a robot waiter that processes customer orders, provides product recommendations and allows customers to make payments via their Mastercard account by using the robot’s handheld tablet.

Watch pepper interact with a customer and help them place their order in the demonstration video below:

The Future of AI and Eating 🔮

The costs associated with AI and deep learning are too high for single-owner restaurants to manage. But as AI becomes less expensive and begins to save people money and time, you can bet it’ll be serving you up a plate of food in one way or another very soon.

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