Samsung’s takeover of X-Ray imaging

Leicester Hospital creates a collaboration between Althea and Samsung as the X-Ray imaging system is provided through Althea’s service. Althea operates as an outsourced technological partner for medical equipment in public and private healthcare organisations. Including biomedical devices, diagnostics imaging and homecare equipment. Althea installed another Samsung GC85 DR imaging system after reviewing all of […]

No sea, no problem! Beluga spotted in Broughton…

If you’re local to the area then I’m sure the Beluga XL, dubbed as the “cutest plane ever” is sounding familiar to you. Broughton’s Airbus site, is home to more than 6,000 employees and where aircraft wings are designed, tested and manufactured. Over the past 10 years, Airbus has invested over £2 billion into the […]

Yorkshire’s Tech Talent Drive

Leeds based software companies have had a kick-start to 2019 after Blue Logic have launched a major recruitment drive. Like many of the thriving IT businesses in the industry Blue Logic are investing back into the technical employees that helped drive a record 2018. The Managed IT Service provider kicked off one of it largest […]

North-West’s robots gain global recognition

North West’s tech organisation Blue Prism is a global leader in Robotic Process Automation (RPA). RPA automates menial tasks that were originally carried out by humans to effectively create ‘artificial intelligence workers’. They are continuing to build a high quality sold platform for future growth. This North-West based company, which develops ‘AI workers’, sees group […]

Will predictive software transform policing of the future?

UK police forces are making use of their crime-prevention software – Predpol. Predpol predicts critical events, by turning insights into action it focuses on 2 types of software: predictive policing and individual risk assessment. Predictive mapping uses a machine-learning algorithm to calculate these predictions, by monitoring crime type, location and date/time to create a calculation. Through this […]

Tech start-ups scoring the millions

The first months of 2019 have seen many tech startups hit the market to raise venture capital for their innovative, and highly successful start-up businesses. Below is a list and brief description of the start-ups that scored the millions. Mindful Chef Founded in 2015 by 3 friends – Giles Humphries, Myles Hopper, and Robert Grieg-Gran. […]

What is ‘Factory in a Box’?

Coventry based Manufacturing Technology Centre has recently teamed up with University of Birmingham and Loughborough University to launch a brand new demonstrator called ‘Factory in a Box’. Learn all about its key features as the demonstration event happens today in Coventry.  With the combination of the industry knowledge and academic research the ‘Factory in a Box’ […]

Searchability wins “Technical Innovation” at the Onrec Awards

​Last week was the 14th annual Onrec Awards, a night that celebrates recruiters, suppliers and companies who operate within the world of Online Recruitment. The night was held at their usual venue, The Grange Hotel – St Pauls, and as expected was filled with plenty of fizz and networking. Searchability (along with our employer brand […]

Happy 30th birthday to the World Wide Web!

So today marks the 30th birthday of the World Wide Web, one of the most notorious inventions to ever exist! In 1989 March 12th, Tim Berners-Lee a British Engineer and Computer Scientist proposed his idea of the World Wide Web. Before 1989, society didn’t know any different from sending letters, using a dictionary to find […]

#BalanceforBetter – How women are revolutionising the tech world!

International Women’s Day – a time to celebrate, reflect and take action. While progress is being made for women in many industries with 2017’s #MeToo movement only growing more prominent in the public domain, what has the future in store for women in tech? This year, the campaign theme for International Women’s Day is #BalanceForBetter. […]