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What is ‘Factory in a Box’?

Coventry based Manufacturing Technology Centre has recently teamed up with University of Birmingham and Loughborough University to launch a brand new demonstrator called ‘Factory in a Box’. Learn all about its key features as the demonstration event happens today in Coventry. 

With the combination of the industry knowledge and academic research the ‘Factory in a Box’  has all the key requirements any SME would need.

Being part of the UK funded Energy Research Accelerator programme, ‘Factory in a Box’ is set to be officially launched in March with the aim of showing companies of all sizes how smart technology can impact manufacturing processes. The industrial scale demo will show an improvement at all levels, including supply chains and predictive maintenance. 

Image from Smart Manufacturing Accelerator

Each factory is expected to be especially beneficial for SME’s as it will create fast access to all other Industry 4.0 automation and data technologies. On a larger scale the ‘Factory in a Box’ can work as a solution for companies struggling to introduce innovation into their supply chain. As a remotely managed system the network the product is going to be a viable option for corporations of all sizes, with a whole host of other long term and short term benefits.

The live demonstration of the ‘Factory in a Box’ at the MTC event being hosted today at Ansty Park in Coventry will provide industry experts with a more detailed insight of everything the ‘Factory in a Box’ can achieve.

Find more information regarding event and the ‘Factory in a Box’ product through the official page

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