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Samsung’s takeover of X-Ray imaging

Leicester Hospital creates a collaboration between Althea and Samsung as the X-Ray imaging system is provided through Althea’s service.

Althea operates as an outsourced technological partner for medical equipment in public and private healthcare organisations. Including biomedical devices, diagnostics imaging and homecare equipment.

Althea installed another Samsung GC85 DR imaging system after reviewing all of the available systems on the market. This system is designed to reduce stress on users, increase patient throughput and deliver excellent high quality images. Samsung GC85 has a smart control panel which can tilt and rotate the monitor. Also with a fast smart stitching eliminates the need for the patient to stand for a long period of time. Finally, it has a standby mode to help save energy and reduces the electricity usage by half compared to ‘ready to scan’ mode.

Samsung’s new system will also allow users be exposed to high detective quantum efficiency, which is a measurement of signal and noise performance but at a low dose, whilst still gathering high quality images.

They have already started to see great benefits from this from the benefits of images to the staff’s physical effort required to operate the equipment!

This shows a milestone in history for technology in the health sector, hopefully with a high percentage of money going towards research in this industry other inventions will be created to allow a better way to analyse patients.

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