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The wearable technology sector is ever evolving with incredible new gadgets being created to make our lives easier. The market is expected to have rapid growth over the next few years, and with over 150 million gadgets on offer, November’s Digi Download features some of the finest!

Wearable Technology in Healthcare

In 2018, the wearable tech market was worth approximately £23bn and is likely to grow to £54bn by 2023, witnessing a compound annual growth rate

Wearables in Education

Wearable tech has a big role in creating the classroom of tomorrow. In fact, according to Research and Markets, adoption of wearable technology in schools

Gadget Garments

While an auto-drying jacket like Marty McFly’s is some way off, smart clothes are already here. They can heat up, cool down, change color or

WaveOptics – A look into the future

WaveOptics, who started in 2014, are a technology enforced software company who creates display lenses, known as waveguides. Starting off as three engineers, Waveoptics created

Searchability are a multi-award winning people agency who have successfully combined proven recruitment solutions with employer branding, inbound recruitment marketing, graduate recruitment and bespoke engagement technology to create a very unique full-service agency.

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In a market where there are more technical vacancies than skilled candidates it has never been more important to connect, engage and build relationships.

A strong employer brand is necessary for attracting top talent and position your organisation as a future employer of choice.

Recruitment marketing campaigns are crafted to support a specific job vacancy, and aim to attract more relevant and engaged candidates.

Graduate recruitment is not as easy as going to a career fair and offering the best graduate a job, however, there are many ways a company can attract top graduate talent and for graduates to get noticed.

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