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The coolest wearable technology of 2019

Man with Code in Binoculars

As wearable technology becomes increasingly accessible to the mainstream, new items are popping up all over. So with us all becoming a real life spies, able to keep an eye on everything, it’s time to get all of the latest and coolest wearable gear.

Wearable Body Cameras:

If you’re looking for a hidden body camera that is small and easily hidden there is one stand-out option – the button camera. Most brands provide multiple button options so that your camera can be used across multiple different clothes. 

This sort of wearable technology is most commonly used by people who need to discreetly record their surroundings, such as secret shoppers! As a go-pro would simply stand out too much so button cameras can be a great way to stay alert without drawing attention to yourself.

Button Camera
Image from Wareable.com

You can find button cameras available at a range of prices online, with one example from Brick House Security

Walkie-Talkie Watches:

Constant communication seems accessible to everyone now and with unlimited contracts, there really is no need to run out of texts or calls to reach someone! What happens when you want to have instant spoken communication with a close friend or family member without committing to a phone call? Apple’s new app ‘Walkie-Talkie’ lets you do just that with the existing Apple Watch!   

Mark yourself as available and trusted contacts will be able to initiate a conversation where you can simply speak by tapping a yellow ‘talk’ button.

Walkie Talkie App

You can learn more about how to make the most out of the walkie-talkie app with Macworld‘s article.

Bulletproof Clothing:

Whether you have a dangerous day job, live in an area of constant conflict or just would like to know your clothes can protect you during times of need; there are now outerwear pieces that are both stylish and use the latest technology. This jacket allows you to be to be bullet-proof, stab-proof and of course rain-proof!

Bulletproof Clothing
Image from Wareable.com

Personal Thermostat:

Whether you are one of those people who is always freezing or constantly too hot, it isn’t always appropriate to dress for your personal climate! With new wearable technologies you can control your own perfect temperature. 

The Embr Wave bracelet creates thermal waveforms which can be either warming or cooling sensations to help match your body with the temperature you feel.  

Embr Wave

Find out more about how the bracelet works and whether it is worth your money with a recent review from Wareable.com

Smart Goggles:

The days of being disconnected during swimming are over – with smart goggles such as the Form Swim Goggles, you can see a full AR display in either lens to track your swimming performance and other measurable factors. The display is these smart goggles is kept simple and sleek to make sure you are getting the key details that you need.

Video from formswim.com

Check if you think these goggles are going to be right for you with Wareable.com’s review.

For more spy style wearable tech check out articles from Wareable.com.

Written by: Rosie Bancroft

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