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Pampers launches ‘Lumi’ smart nappies to track activity

Pampers are one of the latest companies to jump into the trend of wearable technology, with a new “connected care system” called Lumi, which tracks your babies’ activity through a sensor that is attached to the nappy. Google’s sister company Verily has partnered with US company Procter & Gamble (P&G) to sell these smart nappies which are being sold through Pampers.

This wearable tech is an all in one connected system that includes two sensors for nappies, a logitech camera that works as a WiFi monitor and an app to record all data. Via an app, the sensor notifies parents when a nappy is wet, whilst also sending info on baby’s sleep and wake times and allow parents to track information such as dirty nappies and feeding times. Logitech’s camera has a wide angle 1080p view of the baby’s bedroom which can also measure temperature and humidity. However, you may still want to be wary as there are hackers that exist and if the got into your account they would be able to have a birds-eye view of your nursery.

Each sensor is attached to a velcro patch inside of the nappie with the battery life lasting up to 3 months! Lumi is built on a concept P&G created – swaddler line. This used a sensor to detect how soaked the blue wetness strip is outside of the diaper.

This concept of monitoring baby analytics could be worrying as it may create a parent that is worried about their infant and watch their data too much. For example, Kathy Hirsh-Pasek the president  of the International Society for Infant Studies, suggested that a baby could urinate more on a hot day because the water intake increased and a parent seeing only a change in pattern on an app might only see something that looked abnormal, and not the obvious reason.

The price for this wearable tech is yet to be determined, but you can sign up for a subscription for this specific item.

Written by: Leah Cottham

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