Say goodbye to the old and in with a new year of technology. Our first monthly roundup “emerging tech” includes the tech trends of 2018 and some of the upcoming tech events of 2019! Here is all you want and more…

Top 5 Gadgets of 2018

Happy new year! 2018 has seen some of the coolest tech gadget releases to date. Understandably, opinions have been divided on which laptops, phones, cameras

Techtacular CEO’s of 2018

Glassdoor is a unique platform that has millions of reviews, rating all businesses with the pros and cons they have experienced with a certain company.

Digital & IT Recruitment channel is curated by experts at Searchability

Searchability are a multi-award winning people agency who have successfully combined proven recruitment solutions with employer branding, inbound recruitment marketing, graduate recruitment and bespoke engagement technology to create a very unique full-service agency.

Digi Download | January 2019

Curated by the hollerings team of recruitment, marketing and tech experts at Searchability

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In a market where there are more technical vacancies than skilled candidates it has never been more important to connect, engage and build relationships.

A strong employer brand is necessary for attracting top talent and position your organisation as a future employer of choice.

Recruitment marketing campaigns are crafted to support a specific job vacancy, and aim to attract more relevant and engaged candidates.

Graduate recruitment is not as easy as going to a career fair and offering the best graduate a job, however, there are many ways a company can attract top graduate talent and for graduates to get noticed.

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