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Team Engagement: Embrace LGBTQ+ Diversity and Inclusion

Large LGBTQ+ Flag in the Street

The month of June is widely recognised as Pride Month to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community, and whether you identify as LGBTQ+ or not you have probably noticed mentions of colourful Pride celebrations more and more across your social news feeds. Many companies have changed their logos into rainbow flags especially for the month of June but […]

Diversity in Data – Let’s talk about Women

Women looking a data computer

The proportion of women working within the technology industry is now a well-known issue and whilst many organisations, charities, meet-ups and key figures are making good progress in turning things around there is still a long way to go.  As with areas such as coding, Data Science fields have a similar under-representation issues. There are […]

The Chronicles of Narnia: Facebook’s technology fantasy land in the heart of London

Have you ever wondered what its like to work at Facebook? Facebook opened its first office in London ten years ago. Since then, the UK has played a central role in the development of some of Facebook’s significant global products like Workplace, which is used by 30,000 businesses globally including Virgin Atlantic and Deliveroo. Designed […]

7 Things To Help You Discover Your Unique Company Culture

Your company culture is essentially the personality of your organisation. It exists already whether you know exactly what it is or not, and it can be instrumental in helping you attract and retain great people too. The problem is it isn’t always easy to pinpoint exactly what your company culture is. It’s intangible, you cannot […]

How Sky Are Nailing Employee Advocacy With #LifeAtSky

The employer branding landscape has evolved dramatically in recent years, and with more and more people spending time on social media every day, companies are recognising the benefits to be had from using social platforms for brand promotion. Pretty much everyone has some kind of employer brand presence online, but one area that is still […]

Dogs And Table Tennis – The Key To Employee Happiness?

There are plenty of things that contribute to Employee Happiness – Dogs and Table Tennis Tournaments are just a couple of them! No we haven’t lost the plot, we’ve just taken a look into a few things that can help transform your office mood from crappy to happy! ​ Monday mornings are pretty much the […]

Why you should use your Company Culture as a Recruiting Tool

The term company culture is often banded around in the world of recruitment. Many of us associate this term with the likes of your “Google’s” or quirky digital agencies with office dogs and ping pong tables, but the fact is every company has a culture. The culture you have is something pre-existing, it’s not necessarily […]

How To Fix Your Poor Glassdoor Rating In 6 Steps

Online reviews are increasingly driving a number of industries to become more honest and transparent about who they are, and even change their practices to suit the demands of their customers. Booking a holiday? Head to TripAdvisor! Thinking of buying a new vacuum cleaner? Head to Which and check out the reviews of hundreds of models! It […]

How Searchability are boosting employee engagement with #FirstFriday’s!

Keeping employees happy and engaged should be a top priority for companies of any industry, and it is even more crucial in industries like recruitment where long hours and high-pressure targets often lead to poor retention levels. At Searchability we recognised the importance of keeping our employees happy and engaged to stay motivated and productive […]