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Companies who prioritise employee well-being

Up to 60% of people have long-term absences and leave their jobs in the UK every year due to mental health-related issues, costing the economy an estimated £99 billion a year, according to a recent CIPD survey.

Employers are trying harder and harder to increase well being programmes and creating innovative approaches. Here are some of the best companies we have found to prioritise their employees well-being.

Buffer is a site that we use, here at Hollerings. Buffer allows you to set up tweets and status’ to be sent out over multiple platforms from just one website. Allowing you to build your brand and connect with your customers online.

Buffer explores wellness by providing access to online therapists for all of its remote workforce accompanied by their Slack channel which is used to communicate and share mental health resources to someone who could be in a very similar situation to yourself.

Buffer attempts to create a huge push on preventive measures so introduced an ‘unsick day’ which is a day used for preventive care.

They also give their staff free subscriptions to the health and wellbeing app Joyable. This app offers stress reduction tools like breathing exercises and light meditation, as well as the opportunity to talk to coaches via text and mobile. This has been shown, by an equivalent app ModernHealth to be as effective as face-to-face therapy which is a great option for all of the remote workers!

Asana is a software system that helps teams manage projects and tasks in one tool, to create projects, assign work to teammates, specify deadlines, and communicate about tasks directly in Asana. Their benefits are an essential part of their culture and the list is endless. Naps, yes we said it, NAPS! Getting paid to sleep, now is there anything better? Asana created this element for employees to be able to rest up, recharge and de-stress then again you could just book a day off as Asana also offers unlimited Personal Time Off (PTO) to enable that perfect work-life balance. After your nap why not take a look at today’s yoga programmes and possibly even use your free gym membership this evening. Then make sure you are booked in for a free mentoring coaching session along with workshops and different health themed focuses. It doesn’t stop there, Asana makes sure you are well fueled for the day with the in-house culinary team providing staff with 3 meals a day using fresh produce from local and organic farms. At last it’s time for work, but just make sure you don’t book a meeting for a Wednesday and Asana don’t hold meetings then! 

Searchability are a great company to work for in terms of social and well being practices (if we must say so ourselves). From social events to looking after their employees wellness, Searchability keeps this at the first and foremost. Every first Friday of the month Searchability celebrates – you’ve guessed it #FirstFridays. Participating in 70’s dress up to a Chinese buffet in celebration of Chinese New Year, the activities are endless. Of course, you can’t forget the Palma Nova Recruitment Conference! 

This year we have been introduced to ‘Feel sound’ hours, an allotted time given by Searchability for their staff to take an hour or an afternoon off if you just aren’t feeling up to it. Giving you personal time to have an extended lunch or an early dart, it’s entirely up to you! Employees have also been introduced to #ThirdThursday, a day where wellness is the focus, this month’s session consists of mindfulness and how to take a breather away from your work.

Ernst & Young

Ernst & Young are a professional service who work with clients to offer services involving tax, audits, transactions and more. They have been widely recognised for their benefits that help the well being of their employees. They provide support and coaching for both work and personal life, to ensure staff members aren’t getting caught up in their own worries. Ernst & Young provide monthly webinars on a range of mental and physical health topics, mental health first aid training and a clear pathway for treatment via their “HealthEY” programme, to help you manage all aspects of your physical and mental health, and wellbeing. EY also give the opportunity to give back, a great way to develop your skills and build you networks with a minimum of two days paid leave each year to volunteer with your chosen charity or with the EY Foundation, an independent UK registered charity which aims to make the biggest difference to the lives of young people and social entrepreneurs in the UK.

Songkick is a technology company that helps music lovers discover concerts and purchase tickets for their favourite artists – through their seamless online platform. They also want to create a company where wellness is their top priority. Songkick wants people who are lovers of music to be part of their team as the staff members are rewarded with live performances/gigs in the office, below we have We Are Scientists performing.

They are also given a free Spotify subscription, a great addition as many studies have proven music helps to de-stress. Songkick have also invested in unlimited annual leave, which is a great addition if you suddenly need to book a day off! Songkick would love you to be a music lover, this is because they give a concert ticket allowance, now this sounds great!

Written by: Leah Cottham.

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