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STEM in Schools

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STEM also known as Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics is a globally recognised concept that is being pushed through schools. Children who are highly exceeding expectations in these subjects are being helped in every way possible. STEM is supported by a unique combination of Government, charitable trusts and employers to encourage people engagement with these 4 topics.

This engagement involves creating academic based activities to involve children in an exciting STEM focused experience.

The official STEM organisation has three main aims within schools:

STEM three statistics
Image Source: stem.org.uk

The Statistics

All four of the STEM industries are male dominated at all levels but what are the real percentages?

Just 13% of the UK’s whole STEM workforce are women
Only 15% of Engineering Graduates are females
Just 19% of women in STEM focus on Computer Science
Only 38% of women in STEM focus on Maths

These statistics have been taken from the Stem Graduates website. Find more information here

Year on year these numbers stay relatively low, and whilst the figures may grow, there is still a disproportionately small number of female role models at all levels within the STEM industry. There are some great resources that you can use to find role models and become part of the STEM community. 

The official STEM learning page has 19 official local ambassador hubs which work to coordinate meet-up groups, volunteering and paid job opportunities and much more. Find where your local hub is through the STEM.org site here.

Get Involved

There are an increasing number of organisations and initiatives that aim to improve STEM for younger generations. For example The Prince’s Trust has recently integrated STEM opportunities to all of their existing and upcoming programmes. Organisations such as Prince’s Trust provide partnerships with organisations that students otherwise couldn’t reach, such as ASOS

The Prince’s Trust partnership with Asos demonstrates three of the major sectors of IT; App Development, Coding and Service Desk

Key STEM Funders

More and more funding is being put towards STEM projects with the aim to improve all statistics. Here are some of the key funders:

You can find more of the supporters and strategic partners involved directly with STEM on the official website here.

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