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How technology is revolutionising the music industry

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Music festivals thrive on the experience that it creates for those who attend. Technology is integrated into every single festival now, whether its the main component such as the sound system or the ticket site you purchased your ticket from, it follows you through your journey.

Big named festivals are not the only ones that are investing their budget into technology. Numerous individual festivals have asked the likes of hackers and scientists to help create holistic events that encourage learning and growth as much as partying in the festival.

With the use of holograms and AR here is some of the best uses of technology within festivals.


Panorama festival is an interactive experience that amalgamates technology, art and design to create a digitally enhanced experience for festival goers. Panorama has five interactive installations and a gigantic 360-degree virtual-reality theatre. They have created THE LAB, powered by HP – a playground of music and technology.


Tomorrowland, which started back in 2005, is the top electronic festival and is now becoming one of the largest music festivals worldwide. It was the first festival to become cashless by integrating light-up wristbands that automate payments and also links festival goers to the Tomorrowland app. It is also the home to AR/VR experiences allowing those unable to attend the festival to be involved from the comfort of their own home.


Mutek has been held in many places around the world and is well renowned for its creativity within the tech industry – both technology and techno. Mutek has developed the DIGI Lab, a forum that allows individuals to network and discuss topics such as: interactive media art and AI.

Music Tech Fest

While these festivals combine technology and music, the Music Tech Fest revolves the entire experience around technology since opening in 2012. Featuring a 24-hour hackathon, a conference and handpicked music that links academic institutions, technologists and media-mixing artists.

Rainbow Serpant Festival

A personal experience I have had with technology and a music festival is at Rainbow Serpent Festival. With the use of the app you could mark the location of your tent and it would be able to guide you back to your tent without the need of signal, so the the days of finding the nearest massive flag near your tent is over. This festival also boasts LED arrays, projection mapping across stages and live aerial footage from drones.

What will be your next music festival?

By Leah Cottham

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