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Heatwave from hell ?

We all know England and sun goes one way or another, on the weekend everyone is flooding into the closest beer garden downing cocktails and beers like there is no tomorrow. But on a weekday the tables turn… This week temperatures have soared and I am sure you can agree with me when I say this office is not where I want to be right now!

The first is to avoid the inferno of the commute, which was unbearable yesterday – trains breaking down because the track has melted? What? For anyone in London I can’t even begin to imagine how the escalator down to the underground makes you feel. The second you get into the office you feel exactly like this duck.

If you don’t have air con, then RIP but luckily we have air con but I can tell you now it’s not great when you are the only person it hits. BRRRRR

All day you sit there looking at the windows longing to get outside and get to a beer garden. As soon as 10.30 comes you can hear little murmurs… ‘let’s go for one at lunch’ and by 1pm the whole office is buzzing to get out in the sun!

Someone’s skirt is always that bit too short and lads think it’s acceptable to wear short shorts, vests and sit at their desk in sunglasses? Forget about doing your hair because you’ll only get flustered and put it up in work.

Times like this I think the opportunity to work from home is essential no? Or at least flexi-time, let me make up these hours another day when it’s tipping it down!!

You want to wear a nice summery outfit like any normal person during a heatwave. So I opted for a skirt and sandals as with 27° this is anyone’s normal reaction, second I hit the office air con is on 12°, windows are wide open and fans are spinning at full speed. Now I wish I had put my tracksuit on…

Best of luck for tomorrow, when it is soaring up to 39°…

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