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Changing email address

Look back to 2012 when your mum or dad helped you to set up your first email. You were super excited to have your own email for all the important emails you would be sending at age 12…

I know I even did a ‘test’ email to my mums work email address just to test out the real world of emails – lo and behold it actually worked!

It then comes to the stage in your life when you have to change your email address to something more appropriate than Xx_CheekyMonkey_xX@hotmail.co.uk as you can’t really apply to jobs with this.



Yet, changing this email over is probably harder than moving house, finding out which websites you even used with this email address to actually go and change them. Whilst also figuring out all the weird password you used in conjunction with this email (even though I still use the same password)
Then you’ve got the subscriptions, what if you actually wanted something from your old email or just something free in general?

Well here is one way to get around it…

What if you miss something important that gets sent to your old email like:

Someone from another country asking for £1,000,000 to help them fund their new project or your bank telling you you’ve been a victim of fraud and that they instantly need your 16 digit card number, expiry date and CVV?

You definitely wouldn’t want to miss out on these emails!

I just wonder how Hotmail are doing as I know Gmail is doing a lot better…


At least you haven’t got an AOL account…

I think it is worth changing email addresses though as ​​a lot of things can get lost along the way, especially some of the best promotions about restaurants giving you a free meal on your birthday. Now they are the best!

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