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Smashed iPhone screen


It usually starts off by you scrambling for your car keys and in the meantime your iPhone has dropped out of your pocket…

The intense 10 seconds you take to just stare at the back of it hoping that underneath is still in tact. Turning it over still with your eyes closed, but its what you expected… you are staring at £150 straight out of your bank account.

Some of you may pay each month to have insurance on you phone sometimes this just seems pointless as you could find Dodgy Dave’s Deal shop is the exact equivalent if not cheaper than your insurance is when you have to claim!

Spending an unimaginable amount on repairing your iPhone is a nightmare…


It’s nearing the end of the month the brightest time of the year… payday. By this time you have been waiting to get your phone repaired but in the meantime have gotten at least 6 shards of glass in your fingers every hour whilst trying to hopelessly type out a message without your phone falling apart in your hands.

Is it even worth spending money on repairing your screen for it to probably smash within the next few months or just buy a new upgrade phone?


iPhones may actually be on the downfall since phones like Samsung and Huawei who have more technical abilities that the newest iPhone just doesn’t have.

As for glass screen protectors, they actually seem to work the first time it’s dropped but I’ve had one on my phone and every time it has just smashed underneath the protector anyway!

Phone screens are definitely made so that they can try to get money out of you even after the purchase, I guess like most products ever made. Even Celebrities don’t agree with the amount of money you have to spend on this problem.

I think the best investment in protecting your screen is… getting a Nokia as it can even survive a 1000 feet drop!
But this video is obviously fake as the real Nokia 3310 would have put a hole in the ground!
So how many people are still walking around with an iPhone that look like they’ve annoyed a hammer? I bet most people as no one wants to fork out this money to repair such an annoyance!

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