Strengthen Your Employer Brand Through Staff Training

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Staff training is something that will happen at every company, whether it’s a simple process of showing a new employee the ropes for their specific job role, or a structured training programme to aid employee progression. No matter what form your staff training takes, it will usually give you a chance to communicate thoughts and […]

How important is industry recognition for employer branding?

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When looking at employer branding from a strategic point of view, one of the top priorities is always discovering how we can promote our company for being a great place to work. We can create blogs, videos and social feeds that show our culture and sell our EVP, but when the message of “this is […]

Diversity in Data – Let’s talk about Women

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The proportion of women working within the technology industry is now a well-known issue and whilst many organisations, charities, meet-ups and key figures are making good progress in turning things around there is still a long way to go.  As with areas such as coding, Data Science fields have a similar under-representation issues. There are […]

Employee Motivation Mistakes That Are Making Your People Quit

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Employee motivation should be a top consideration for every organisation, it helps increase employee productivity, engagement and can often be the key to hitting your company goals! If you asked your CEO today if they would like to have higher productivity, better employee retention and bigger company success the answer would be 100% yes, yet […]

10 key lessons from this years World Employer Branding day


The JobHoller team are back in our Chester HQ after an incredible few days in Lisbon for the 2019 World Employer Branding Day, where we attended as Gold Country partners and delivered a workshop of our own to 270 industry leaders! We thoroughly enjoyed presenting our ideas around social media as a platform to attract and […]

How Sky Are Nailing Employee Advocacy With #LifeAtSky

The employer branding landscape has evolved dramatically in recent years, and with more and more people spending time on social media every day, companies are recognising the benefits to be had from using social platforms for brand promotion. Pretty much everyone has some kind of employer brand presence online, but one area that is still […]

A Simple Guide To Building Your Employer Brand Strategy

Unless you are lucky enough to employ experts in Employer Branding at your company then chances are it’s not something that is at the top of your recruitment agenda. With the fight for candidates fiercer than ever you’re more likely focusing on those urgent vacancies, and in a lot of cases, using a large portion […]

How To Raise Awareness Of Your Employer Brand

One of the main complaints companies have, particularly SME’s, when it comes to attracting talent is that not enough people know who they are or what it’s like to work for you. Bigger companies tend not to have this problem, everyone has heard of them and as long as they get their recruitment marketing right, […]

Why You Should Join JobHoller At World Employer Branding Day 2019

World Employer Branding Day is the biggest gathering of leaders in employer branding all in the same place at the same time globally. After attending the 2018 event earlier this year JobHoller are excited to announce that we are Gold Country Partners at next year’s event in Lisbon, and we would love for you to […]

Affordably boost your inbound recruitment marketing​

HubHoller is an exciting collaboration by Searchability and JobHoller that uniquely combines recruitment, marketing and technology into a targeted inbound recruitment campaign for an organisation to affordably attract the right people for their job vacancies and become a future destination employer of choice. Affordably boost your inbound recruitment marketing HubHoller provides your organisation with a fully […]