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Road rage ?

Road rage we’ve all got it, even if we don’t admit it. Here are the top 20 things that annoy you on the road:

  • Temporary lights, has someone programmed these to work at a million miles an hour and let 2 cars through or make you wait 20 minutes, there’s no inbetween.
  • Tractor in front of you but the other cars won’t take over.
  • Cars doing 30 in a 50, sometimes feels more illegal than speeding… but then get into a 30 and do 50, can’t win.
  • When other drivers use swear words that you never even knew… how dare you out road rage me!!
  • When the person that you’ve had road rage at follows you and it turns out it they are your neighbour...
  • When people start beeping and putting their fingers up for no reason!
  • Screaming insults and then realising that they can’t hear you anyway… somehow it makes you even angrier.
  • When someone overtakes you and then they end up getting stopped at the same red light, HAHA idiot.
  • Tailgating T***s, when they are that close you can’t even see their registration.
  • Someone turning without using their indicator, it’s free!!
  • When you let someone merge in or let them out and they don't even have the decency to say thankyou.
  • When the person in front keeps hitting their brakes for absolutely no reason.
  • Someone merging in to the McDonalds drive thru before you.
  • Potholes, cheers now I’m going to have to repair that burst tyre.
  • Roadworks to fix potholes, now I’m more angry because it would have been quicker to avoid the pothole!
  • People trying to undertake you on the motorway, there are 3 lanes for a reason!
  • People who do use their indicators but way too early.
  • Sally the Sat Nav sending you to Neverland.
  • OAP’s driving at 15 miles an hour, surely they should have to retake their test for the safety of others more than anything?
  • When people beep at you when the light has been green for 0.00001 seconds

I have now realised that my road rage has transferred to the pavement when walking behind people…

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