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Office playlists, not always music to my ears…

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Office music can be a nightmare at the best of times.. Whether you are driven mad by the repetitive radio or have to choose playlists… there are bound to be office politics!

So we have had enough of the repetitive UK top 40, time to start arguing over who is choosing the music. As the day passes the music choices get more personal and some weird tunes get put on – you might have started off with a 2000’s playlist but now your all tapping along to ABBA?? By the end of the day the combinations have gone mad – you have been through German Techno, Love Songs you can cry to, and Heavy Metal Bangers. Good luck getting into the car and listening to anything for the drive home.

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There’s always someone that has been been jabbering on about Christmas since 1st September and dares to step up to the computer and put the Christmas playlist on – NOOO! It’s too early. But all you end up singing is “All I want for Christmas” in your head for days on end.

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Then you have the complainer, it’s either too hardcore or too chilled, too indie or too mainstream… blah blah blah. The only option is really for them to go and change the music to something they like but no.. they sit there moaning but refuse to change the music – stop complaining then!!

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Sometimes a perfect playlist gets chosen, everyones nodding along and working hard. But no – wait – there is silence. No one really notices for the first few minutes as all you can hear is busy fingers typing and people on the phone. Who’s going up next? It all falls on the person sat next to the computer… minutes pass by and someone approaches the music, THE PRESSURE IS ON, you can see their nervous mouse running around the screen, they panic and here we are back to the UK top hits!!!

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