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Maximise your chances of getting a Graduate role

Prepare your CV Properly

Your CV is the first thing that a prospective employer will see, make sure it clearly demonstrates why you would be good in a junior role. Don’t just list your skills – put examples of modules or projects that you used a skill for.

Be honest – Only list the skills you have used and be clear about how much practical knowledge you have. Don’t pretend that you are a master of JavaScript if you had one lecture on it in 2nd year, you will only trip up on it later.


Year in Industry
A degree is a solid foundation of knowledge on how your industry should work but we all know nothing in life runs smoothly. By doing a year in industry you will gain commercial experience with the skills you learn in University, this is invaluable for both you and your future employer. Completing such a year demonstrates that you can apply the knowledge you have learnt.


Summer Placements
A similar principal to the completing a year in industry without adding an extra year to your studies. By completing summer placements you are once again gaining commercial experience whilst also showing a dedication to your industry. For example attending a coding boot-camp such as @NorthCoders gives you an insight into how commercial projects are run.


Interest in your industry
Graduate roles are SO competitive it’s important to show that you are interested in more than just your first role. Join any local groups that discuss your industry and attend meetups and get chatting, you’ll be surprised who you can meet!

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