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Inspiration for your online Graphic Design portfolio

Representing your online personality is a necessity in this day and age if you want to stand out from the crowd. Colour and an interesting story for the reader to become immersed in are two key ways to enhance your profile.

Interface Designer

Robin Mastromarino is a interface designer from Paris whose website makes you feel immersed in his product. His web page makes you feel like you are on a wheel, spinning through his work cleverly creating a warping effect. This unique experience will make this person stick in your mind when you are next on the search!

Visual artist

If you want a colourful display of work then you have come to the right spot. Velvet Spectrum is a visual artist and designer called Luke Choice. By keeping things simple but colourful Luke is able to display his talent in lots of thumbnails for maximum impact on the person viewing.With a black background but colourful array of images Luke really does showcase his talent through this portfolio of work. 

Below is an example of his work, even looking at it makes ,me hungry!

Digital Designer

Xavier Cussó is a Barcelona based designer who until recently worked for Vasava as a Senior Art Director, but after success has gone into freelancing. His creative online portfolio was built through Burundanga Studio, with the use of dramatic colours, bold typography and creative images.

Creative Designer

Malika Favre creates a portfolio which takes on a pop art style theme, bold colours and a full screen display of thumbnails across the page.If you are interested in his work and want to purchase some of it he has a shop, ranging from a bottle of wine with some art work displayed to a deck of cards! 

If you have any more online portfolio inspiration, we would love to hear it!

Written by: Leah Cottham.

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