Top Universities for Tech

In the 21st century, we not only rapidly develop technology, but we incorporate it into many new aspects of our lives. We now live in the age of smart homes, self-driving cars and private spacecraft, and engineers are the ones who make these things possible. The schools on this list represent the best tech programs […]

The Most Effective Music Festival Marketing

Festival Feature Image

If you had the money how would you plan your own music festival?  According to eventbrite nearly 40% of festival attendees said they went to more music festivals this year than last, and over half planned to attend even more next year. Despite this, marketing budgets are not limitless and you must ensure you are […]

It’s World Emoji Day ?

Poop Emoji Cookie

Emojis are a key part of any millennials digital communication so what better way to celebrate our use of universally recognised images than with World Emoji Day! Today we celebrate all of our favorite crying faces ?, dancing ladies ?, aubergine ? and love heart ? emojis but where did they come from? History of […]

Team Engagement: Embrace LGBTQ+ Diversity and Inclusion

Large LGBTQ+ Flag in the Street

The month of June is widely recognised as Pride Month to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community, and whether you identify as LGBTQ+ or not you have probably noticed mentions of colourful Pride celebrations more and more across your social news feeds. Many companies have changed their logos into rainbow flags especially for the month of June but […]

Give the Grads what they want!

Whether you are going out to market to find tech grads to join your development team or embarking on a dedicated IT graduate scheme in your organisation, there are a lot of things to consider. Graduates are predominantly falling within the Gen Z demographic, and what they are looking for in their first graduate role may differ […]

Negative Perception of Millennials? Here’s Why You Need Them in your Workforce!

When you think of the word ‘Millennial’, what pops into you head? For many, negative descriptions such as egotistic, demanding and lazy come to mind. However, this is a built-up stereotype that’s created undesirable perceptions of the younger generation, especially when concerning the world of work! ​ Many opinions have been formed by following the […]

These 6 Things will help you Attract the Top Technical Grads

The competition for the best talent is fiercer than ever, and when it comes to finding technical staff it can seem like an impossible task to find skilled people that don’t blow your budget entirely. The good news is there is about to be an influx of candidates looking for a new role, who have […]

How to Effectively Select the Best of the Best Graduates!

Thousands of graduates entering the market. Now this sounds like perfect news for hiring managers, however, it’s more of a challenge than you think to select the right candidate for your company. All companies have varying demands and some candidates will be more suitable for you than the next company, and that is why you need […]

Top 6 Ways to Attract the Next Pool of Talented Graduates to Your Team!

What is your perception of graduates? To many, the Gen Z and Millennial age groups are identified as unappealing individuals to bring into the workplace. The stereotypical descriptions of lazy, demanding and entitled are circulating many industries, and are negatively influencing hiring managers decisions. Well if that is your observation, you’ll be missing out on […]

8 Ways to Make Sure the Next Stream of Graduates Select Your Role over the Competition

With the next stream of students graduating over the upcoming months, competition is at its all-time highest to attract the best talent. The next cohort are the largest ever working generation to enter the marketplace and are the age group who have the most diverse expectations of the world of work…. And that is exactly […]