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As per my last email…

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Dear Madam/Sir,

Nice to e-meet you! Greetings of the day! Happy Wednesday! There is too many cringe worthy ways of opening emails at the moment. 

As per my last email, I am getting in touch to discuss how annoying emails can be. Please see attached, the tweets of others feeling the stresses of emails as well… 

As per my last email Tweet
Please see attached Email

At least I haven’t got your name wrong… how do people manage it when your name is literally at the bottom of the email? We get it sometimes you can be rushing and the spelling comes out a little wrong, Stephen turns into Steven.

Tweet about emailing the wrong name
Check names on Emails

We’ve all been there: waiting on that important email only to discover it in the spam folder days later. Reaching out to someone and missing an opportunity because your email went to spam. How can one day after hundreds of emails have been exchanged, the most important email about an interview confirmation or a payment that needed to be put through just manages to sneak into your junk. It’s like your outlook is getting a bit bored so thinks what important message can I hide this time…

Yet the actual spam emails start flooding in they always end up in your normal inbox. URH.

Using CC (carbon copy) can become a scary function when you were meant to BCC (blind carbon copy) instead! Maybe you didn’t want to share that email address or didn’t want the receiver to know another person was secretly viewing the email as well. Too late unfortunately it’s been sent now and there is no going back…

CCing and BCCing Tweet

Then there’s the little message that gets left at the bottom of an email “Sent from my iPhone”. Surely it would be better for it not to say that and get rid of this this unprofessional signature altogether? It may as well say “I am out of the office and really busy, so you are lucky you have even received a response from me…” How do you actually change it?

Kind Regards, Many Thanks and Yours Sincerely – does anyone actually know the right way to end an email?

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